The IFPS Electronic Controls Specialist certification

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Danfoss backs certification of electronic controls specialists

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) upgrades the certification to meet today’s needs

Electronic controls are the brains behind today’s smart mobile machines. The IFPS Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS) certification ensures the people who put electronic control systems together have the expertise to do the best possible job.

With the support of Danfoss, the ECS certification has now been updated and relaunched. The certification tests the ability of mobile hydraulic professionals to understand and apply the full range of electronic opportunities. From simple sensors and limits to HMIs, controllers and networks.

“ECS certification speaks highly of the individual’s knowledge and gives customers the assurance that the control systems they buy will work efficiently. As well as, safely and with minimum emissions,” says Eddie Boyston, systems and application engineering manager for Danfoss in the USA. 

Danfoss provided the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) with financial support and technical expertise. This is for the development of the original ECS study manual and certification test criteria in 2006.

Only a few years before that, Danfoss had led the development of mobile electronics with the launch of its first PLUS+1® solutions. The new ECS certification reflects the significant progress made since then. To meet growing market expectations for intelligent, efficient and safe electronic controls.

“The certification synchronizes the teams that work with electronic controls. Ensuring we have the same understanding and use the same terminology. This, regardless of where we come from,” says Marcus Herrara, Danfoss OEM application engineer.

IFPS is the recognized industry leader in fluid power and motion control certifications. It has close to 10,000 active certifications in the USA and many countries around the world.

Find more information about ECS certification on the IFPS website