Taipei buses driving the electrical bus revolution

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Driving the electric bus revolution

Urban electric buses are the fastest part of the EV market. According to a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it will account for 81% of global bus sales by 2040. Switching to hybrid and fully-electric solutions will also be crucial in the fight against air pollution. As showed by the World Health Organization, nine out of 10 people currently breathing air containing high level of pollutants globally.

With Asia leading the way on electrifying bus fleets, the city of Taipei in Taiwan turned to us. They wanted help to power their first all-electric bus line with our EDITRON drivetrain system. The 12 buses serve a new 31.5km route across the city, linking four mass-rapid transit stations, 11 schools and five major business districts.

Optimistic electric transport

We delivered the 12 electric drivetrains powering the fleet to RAC Electric Vehicles. The 12-ton buses are the lightest on the market in their class. This is thanks to the extremely compact and lightweight design of our EDITRON system.

With zero emissions, the fleet is able to run over 260km when at full passenger capacity. When empty it can run over 300km. Each bus can be charged in just five hours. Additionally, the roof of the charging station is equipped with a 302 square meter single solar panel. These can generate 130kW of electricity per day.

Improving efficiency

Our system’s highly-efficient synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology reduces fuel and prolongs the buses’ operational range. In addition, EDITRON’s control and monitoring software features self-diagnosis functionality. These are constantly monitoring and reporting to RAC’s control center on motor temperature, power situation and remaining mileage. This greatly reduces the risk of sudden bus failure and improves the overall efficiency of the buses.

Helping Taipei’s green agenda

In addition, the buses not only improve Taipei’s air quality, but also have a comfortable boarding environment and reduce noise. These benefits compared to their conventional diesel counterparts, have captures attention of both drivers and passengers positively.

Subsequently, we have been commissioned to deliver another 20 motor sets in 2019, helping the Taipei City Public Transportation Office achieve its new green energy policy aims to have 400 electric buses on its roads before 2022.


Project Taipei Buses
Customer RAC Electric Vehicles
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Scope Helping Taipei meet its new green energy policy by powering the city’s first all-electric bus line.
Solution Fully-electric drivetrain systems that produce zero emissions and are lightweight and less noisy than their diesel counterparts.
Technical specifications
  • Synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology, IP65, EM-PMI motor, 189 kW
  • EC-C1200-450 inverter, IP67, CAN protocol
  • PowerUSER software designed by Danfoss Editron
  • Zero emissions
  • Space and weight savings
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less audible noise
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less risk of system failure
Danfoss Editron

Danfoss Editron

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