Safe, efficient operation with maximum fuel economy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Electrohydraulic control

Excellent traction control is critical to Oxbo International’s grape harvesters when working in difficult terrain. A Danfoss PLUS+1®-controlled drive solution ensures a safe, efficient operation with maximum fuel economy.

Different vineyards need different harvesters. The challenge for Oxbo International was to create a family of grape harvesters to meet all needs while using the same basic frame system and the same system for electrohydraulic control.

What the company needed was a propel system robust enough for demanding operating conditions and with the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of vineyard specifications.

H1 motors and tandem pump

The Danfoss team developed a new four-wheel design for the propel system. Harvesters with the greatest traction needs now have a H1 variable displacement motor to control each wheel. An H1 tandem pump meets the flow requirements of all four wheel motors.

A Series 45 axial piston pump powers the open loop system that manages the steering and work functions.

Integrated PLUS+1® controls

Tying all the components together into one smoothly functioning system, PLUS+1® controls secure maximum efficiency and high operator comfort regardless of the terrain. Should a malfunction occur, problems are easy to detect and repair, minimizing harvester downtime.

The Oxbo 6000 line is the most advanced range of harvesters from Oxbo International to date. Thanks to PLUS+1®, the opportunities to add more capabilities are far from exhausted.