New 2-Motor-Transmission (2MT)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New hydrostatic 2-Motor-Transmission solution improves productivity and operator comfort, reduces costs

Subsystem solution applicable for wheel loaders, telehandlers, dumpers, etc.

Danfoss Power Solutions introduced its new 2-Motor-Transmission (2MT) solution as a superior alternative to the standard torque converter solution.

After a successful first implementation with a global OEM partner, Danfoss developed the system architecture as a new standard subsystem solution. Which is offering for multiple applications — simplifying and streamlining the adoption process.

“We are excited to offer this innovative system solution for all our OEM customers,” said Hans-Hermann Blöcker, product application engineer for 2MT systems at Danfoss Power Solutions. “Implementing a two-motor transmission increases productivity, operator comfort, fuel efficiency and flexibility. All of which are key factors in designing a competitive machine in today’s market.”

Improved productivity

Compared to torque converter systems, the hydrostatic 2MT allows for increased flexibility and performance. Four different drive modes enable the machine to adapt to operating conditions, operator preference or even fuel efficiency requirements. This is resulting in fuel savings of up to 20 percent. OEMs can also implement customized settings regarding the aggressiveness of the machine’s response.

All of these contribute toward increased operator comfort, due to reduced noise and smoother transitions. They also result in better productivity, which is attributed to matching the diesel engine speed to the power demand.

Solution architecture

The 2MT consists of a hydrostatic pump, two hydrostatic motors, a controller and software, as well as a third-party gearbox. Among other factors, using Danfoss hydrostatic motors which are known as the most efficient in the market, inherently increases the efficiency of the solution.

The pump and motors are connected in parallel through hydraulics. The two motors are connected to the same gearbox with different ratios. Both motors are used at slower vehicle speeds (up to 16 kph), providing high tractive force. Once the rated speed capacity of the gearbox is reached, the second motor switches off and disconnects from the gearbox.

The disengagement and engagement of the second motor happens without any loss in tractive force. This speeds up operating time, making the machine more productive during its work cycle. It also reduces the wear on service brakes, ultimately lowering operating costs.

Uplift wheel loader performance

The hydrostatic 2MT solution was first developed and refined for wheel loaders with an operating weight between 10- and 17-tons.

Because the system’s configuration isn’t as rigid as other solutions, the engine can be placed strategically for total machine optimization. Also, the peak power required by this system is lower than a torque converter. This allows wheel loader OEMs to downsize their engine by 10 to 15 percent, saving on initial cost.

The different drive modes mean an OEM can program the wheel loader to behave like it has a torque converter. Even when it doesn’t. The ability to use the same machine architecture to produce different operational results allows OEMs to access the full wheel loader market with one streamlined design.

Interested OEMs can test drive the hydrostatic 2MT solution at one of our strategically located Application Development Centers.

For more information about the new transmission solution or how you can uplift your wheel loader performance, visit or contact your local Danfoss representative.