ATA solid fuel draft regulator

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ESBE ATA draft regulator is a self contained thermostatic expansion control device intended to regulate the temperature of solid fuel boilers without requiring any electrical installation or complicated linkage. The thermostatic control head senses the boiler temperature and regulates the air damper position, controlling combustion air flow.

Features and benefits

Fully adjustable within the range of 95 - 203°F (35 - 95 °C)

Directly threaded into the boiler tank

Replaceable thermostatic element

Available ATA draft regulator in European G thread connection


Technical data


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet ATA Draft Regulator DS - VDBXA122 English United States 20 May, 2013 66.5 KB .pdf
Installation guide ESBE ATA Draft Regulator Instructions English United States 29 Oct, 2007 3.2 MB .pdf
Catalog Hydronic Specialties Catalog VKKIA122 English United States 20 Mar, 2017 2.0 MB .pdf


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