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Controls with assorted features - for use with electric floor warming applications...

Electric floor heating thermostats from Danfoss raise the bar for aesthetic appeal while offering industry-leading functionality.

Our programmable & non-programmable thermostats offer numerous easy-to-use features to simplify your floor heating applications. Thermostats shown are compatible with both LX mats and LX / TX cables.

Features and benefits

Large backlit display for easy programming

Approved for wet locations such as bathrooms and showers (Class - A GFCI)

Monitor energy consumption

Dual voltage capability: 120V or 240V

Easily upgrade older model LX thermostats

Product range


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Catalog Electric Heating Product Catalog English Multiple 14 Mar, 2019 2.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet LX Thermostat with Floor and Air Sensor Datasheet (088L5130) English Multiple 01 Jun, 2016 277.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet LX205 Thermostat Non-Programmable Datasheet (088L5137) English Multiple 04 May, 2016 225.3 KB .pdf
Data sheet LX205T Touch Thermostat Datasheet (088L5136) English Multiple 10 Feb, 2016 227.3 KB .pdf
Operating guide LX205T Touch Thermostat Interactive User Manual (088L5136) English Multiple 04 Nov, 2015 5.7 MB .pdf
Data sheet LX205T WIFI Touch Screen Thermostat Datasheet (088L5140) English Multiple 06 Oct, 2016 187.3 KB .pdf
Operating guide LX205T WIFI Touch Thermostat Interactive User Manual (088L5140) English Multiple 04 Aug, 2016 6.9 MB .pdf
Installation guide LX205T WIFI Touch Thermostat Quick Start Guide (088L5140) English Multiple 05 Jul, 2016 477.5 KB .pdf

Tools and apps

Download the LX205T WIFI App

Use the app with the Danfoss LX205T WIFI Touch Thermostat to control electric floor heating applications. Choose your platform below.

App Benefits

View and change your heating schedule & settings: the thermostat automatically adjusts heating levels to match your usual timetable. However, the app is flexible and lets you override the schedule to adjust temperatures as you wish, from any location where WIFI is available.

  • Fast-Forward to the next scheduled change (ex: turn up the heat because you’re coming home early)
  • Make instant temporary adjustments (ex: you may want to turn down the heat in the spring when the windows are open)

Set your heating system to vacation mode when traveling to save energy: Adjust heating schedule while traveling and plan adjustments knowing you won’t waste money on heating an empty house – and that you’ll still get a warm welcome upon your return.

View and track your energy consumption: The app lets you monitor your heating system’s past and current energy consumption, at any time, and from any location.

Set units to Standard US or Metric

Choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius

24-hour or 12-hour clock

View and set temperatures

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Find information on electric heating troubleshooting, including our top frequently asked questions, our video library, links to electric heating literature, a link to our warranty registration form, newsletter, and more.