VLT® DriveMotor FCM 300

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The VLT® DriveMotor FCM 300 has reached the Limited phase of its lifecycle and is no longer in active production. The FCM 300 induction motor is no longer available as a spare part. Limited supplies of frequency converters and accessories are available as spare parts.

Limited: A drive entering the Limited phase has limited service options. Only a limited amount of spare parts, maintenance and repair services are available as long as materials can be obtained.  Danfoss cannot guarantee availability of the lifecycle services for technical reasons or within reasonable costs. Only existing service contracts with our customers will be supported.

Best Alternative Product VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106

The VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106 is the best alternative, designed for motor mount, focused on pump- and fan applications in HVAC segment but also fitting simple conveyor applications. It is not a 1:1 replacement for FCM 300. The motor is not included and the drive comes with different physical dimensions, wiring and parameters, but it is the successor at application level.

Please remember to order the FCP 106 Motor Adapter Plate as an accessory for motor mounting; or the FCP 106 Wall Mounting Plate for wall mounting.

Supply voltages and power range

3 x 380-480 V...0.55-7.5 kW


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