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Designed to meet all industrial refrigeration application requirements and deliver favorable flow characteristics

Danfoss shut-off valves for industrial refrigeration are part of the Danfoss SVL Flexline™ series. The valves utilize upgraded, refrigerant neutral packing glands with unique, Teflon™ lip seal technology. These shut-off valves meet or exceed the safety demands of numerous national and international industrial refrigeration authorities and, with their modular design, are easy to dismantle for inspection, service. and repair.

As with the rest of Danfoss' SVL Flexline™ product platform, these shut-off valves are available with straightway or angleway configurations, a seal cap or hand wheel, butt or socket weld connection types, and in standard or stainless steel.

SVA shut-off valves are available in standard neck (SVA-S) or long neck (SVA-L) varieties. The shut-off valve's cone design ensures a perfect seal and can withstand a high system pulsation and vibration, often present in the discharge line.

In certain areas, such as outdoor applications and corrosive atmospheres, high surface protection is needed to prevent system failure caused by corrosion. Using stainless steel components, such as with SVA-S SS stainless steel shut-off valves, is the best way to maintain safety, hygienic conditions, and energy efficiency, all of which are vital to keep productivity high and supply of healthy, safe food constant.

SVA-DL (Delta pressure low) shut-off valves are two-step valves for pressure relief designed with a restriction in the opening function. High differential pressure can be applied from the side port and reduced pressure can be applied from the bottom port.

SVA-DH (Delta pressure high) shut-off valves are designed without any restriction in the opening function. As a result of its balanced design, this valve is able to open at all differential pressures with limited torque. The angleway shut-off valves are specifically designed to provide favorable flow conditions.

Both SVA-DL and SVA-DH shut-off valves have internal backseating, enabling the spindle seal to be replaced while the valve is still under pressure.

QDV is a shut-off valve designed for draining oil from systems containing refrigerant under pressure. The valve closes immediately when the handle is released, protecting both the user and the environment against unnecessary refrigerant leaks.

Features and benefits

SVA shut-off valves standard and long neck have red caps and ID tags

Standard with stainless steel trim for easier and safer maintenance

Designed with low temperature steel for a compact yet strong valve

Lighter weight compared to comparable valves, making them easier to install and less expensive to ship

Large temperature range: –76 °F to 302 °F

High max. working pressure: 754 psig (52 bar)

Seal caps can be flipped over to use as a hand wheel on smaller sized valves

Brazing connection

65 Bar PP – also with optional O-ring FKM (R1270) and FFKM (higher temperature profile as Ammonia Heat Pumps) for CHV/SCA /REG 10-40

Product range


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Shut-off valve, type QDV 15 English Multiple 31 Jan, 2023 1.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet Shut-off valve, type SVA-S SS and SVA-L SS English Multiple 09 Feb, 2024 3.8 MB .pdf
Data sheet Shut-off valves, Type SVA DH and SVA DL 250 – 300 English Multiple 31 Jan, 2023 1.7 MB .pdf


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