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Discover why "we love CO₂"

Yes, you heard it right. At Danfoss Cooling, We Love CO2.

You might think that our devotion is misguided, but we can promise you that our affections are grounded in facts and modern engineering innovations. You see, despite its reputation as a pollutant, CO2 is actually one of the most sustainable refrigerants. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to apply transcritical CO2 systems in all climates – until now. 

A chart that explains the design of the multi ejector solution for transcritical CO2 systems

Specially designed for warmer climates

After years of intense engineering and field testing, our engineers have developed the Multi Ejector Solution™, which consists of two products: the Multi Ejector and the AK-PC 782A Pack Controller. This new solution makes it possible to go beyond traditional ambient temperature limitations and use transcritical CO2 refrigeration in all climates. In fact, the warmer the climate, the more you will gain from using this solution.

The Multi Ejector Solution™ offers tremendous energy saving potential of up to 10% on an annualized basis compared with the previous generation of trans critical parallel compression systems, with even greater savings occurring in the warmest ambient conditions. Compared to booster systems, savings can reach as high as 30% during the hottest hours of the year.

What's not to love?
Many forward-thinking retailers have already fallen in love with CO2 and made the switch in their stores. Are you next? Danfoss has CO2 solutions available right now that will boost the energy efficiency of your stores and the green image of your brand.

At Danfoss, we love our planet, we love CO2, and we love the new Multi Ejector Solution™.

An infographic explaining how to choose a mutli ejector

How to choose the right Multi Ejector Solution™

Three main factors to consider when designing your transcritical CO2 system with a Multi Ejector Solution™.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet CTM High pressure valve type CTM 6 English Multiple 21 May, 2024 6.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet CTM Low pressure valve type CTM 6 English Multiple 21 May, 2024 6.5 MB .pdf
Installation guide Multi Ejector (spareparts_ejector and strainer), type CTM 1, CTM 2, CTM6 English Multiple 12 Feb, 2019 1.2 MB .pdf
Installation guide Multi Ejector type CTM 1 - CTM 2 English Multiple 29 Jan, 2020 660.0 KB .pdf
Installation guide Multi Ejector, type CTM 6 English Multiple 11 Jun, 2024 1.6 MB .pdf
Brochure Save energy and protect the environment with CO2 solutions - Special version for Food Retail English Multiple 19 Apr, 2024 15.9 MB .pdf

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