Refrigeration temperature sensors

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Robust and versatile temperature sensing​

Danfoss offers robust surface mounting and insertable sensors that accurately measure temperature in any cooling application:​

  • Commercial HVAC​
  • Residential HVAC​
  • Commercial refrigeration​
  • Transport refrigeration​
  • Food retail refrigeration​
  • Industrial refrigeration​
  • HACCP applications​

Features and benefits

Precise temperature measurement

Flexible mounting and insertable options

Durable construction proven in harsh environments


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet AKS 11 Temperature sensor English Multiple 01 Oct, 2020 207.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet AKS 12 Temperature sensor English Multiple 20 Aug, 2019 185.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet Temperature sensor NTC 10 Kohm EKS 221 English Multiple 12 Jul, 2016 379.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet Temperature sensor, type MBT 3270 English Multiple 26 Feb, 2021 1.9 MB .pdf
Data sheet Temperature sensor, type MBT 3560 English Multiple 26 Feb, 2021 1.5 MB .pdf
Data sheet Temperature Sensors, Type AKS 21 English Multiple 18 Jul, 2006 352.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet Temperature sensors, type MBT 3250 English Multiple 26 Feb, 2021 1.4 MB .pdf

Highlighted products

  • AKS 12 temperature sensor
    AKS 12, General purpose temperature sensor

    AKS 12 general purpose sensor for surface mounting or inserted with available thermowells. Standard Pt1000 element and PVC cabling is suitable for most HVAC and refrigeration applications.

  • AKS 21 temperature sensor
    AKS 21, Sensor for extreme temperatures

    AKS 21 sensor for surface mounting or inserted with available thermowells. Standard Pt1000 element and silicone cable jacketing withstands extreme high and low temperatures.

  • EKS 221 temperature sensor
    EKS 221, Temperature sensor with 10K NTC

    EKS 221 general purpose sensor with 10K NTC for surface mounting. Available with steel sensor tip and round cable or thermoplastic rubber and flat cable.

    10K element characteristic matches to Optyma and MCX controllers.

  • Color coded temperature sensor
    AKS 11 color coded temperature sensor

    Color coded temperature sensors for temperature logging on monitoring in conjunction with Danfoss controllers.

  • Product photo of the MBT 3270 temperature sensor by Danfoss
    MBT 3270, flexible temperature sensor

    The flexible temperature sensor MBT 3270 can be used in many industrial applications such as: air compressors, mobile hydraulics and exhaust gas return systems.