A2L refrigerant detection sensors

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Flow into A2L with efficient gas sensors for HVAC and Commercial refrigeration systems

Flow into A2L refrigerant gas detection with the new DST Gxxx refrigerant detection sensors by Danfoss Sensing Solutions, built with performance and reliability at the forefront.

DST Gxxx A2L refrigerant detection sensors

DST Gxxx A2L refrigerant detection sensors are featuring a revolutionary inverted design, which protects the sensor in harsh environments, supporting 5 different A2L refrigerants with the option of additional refrigerants added upon demand. Using Thermal conductivity, a field proven technology, our sensors meet the requirements for HVACR equipment.

With patented top-down design that protects sensors from all common contaminants you can get 15+ years of performance as estimated per our extensive internal testing.

Prioritize safety, reduce maintenance and ensure supply

Proven high-speed thermal conductivity sensors delivers excellent response time, ensuring maximum safety for users and equipment. And as a leading tech developer with in-house production, Danfoss offers a resilient supply chain, ensuring to meet your demands and maintain a steady delivery to support your business growth.

Features and benefits

Rapid and Accurate Leak Detection
Compensated over full range of temperature humidity and pressure ranges with fast response time τ63<15sec.

Eliminate False Alarms with Dewpoint Avoidance
Dewpoint monitoring and heated enclosure prevents condensation in the housing.

Immune to Dust, Oil and Water Spray
Strategic, patent-pending sensor positioning using diffusion flow principles protects sensor from exposure.

UV Protected
All exposed materials are impervious to sustained UV exposure.

No Field Service Requirements
Permanent factory calibration. No field adjustments or re-zeroing during 15+ year life as estimated per our extensive internal testing.

Minimized “Silent” Failures
Robust “full signal chain” diagnostics check for faults and integrity of signal chain.

Easy System Integration
Flexible hardware and software to customer’s application specifications.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet A2L Gas Sensor, Types DST G54B, DST GR32 English Multiple 23 Jan, 2024 1.4 MB .pdf
Installation guide A2L Gas Sensors, Relay, MODBus and Dual Output English Multiple 22 Aug, 2023 425.0 KB .pdf
White paper Thermal conductivity: the best technology for A2L HVACR market English Multiple 16 Jan, 2024 3.4 MB .pdf
Type Name Approval authority Language Valid for Download Expiration date File type
EU-UK Declaration Danfoss EU-UK 073R0000.00 English Multiple 177.4 KB .pdf
Export Control Declaration Refrigerant Leakage Sensor English Multiple 243.6 KB .pdf

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CE marked

RoHS compliant

UL 60335-2-40

UL 60335-2-89 (in progress)

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A2L white paper on concrete background

Thermal conductivity: the best technology for the A2L HVACR market

This whitepaper answers two key questions: why thermal conductivity is the best technology for quickly and accurately detecting A2L gas leaks and how product design impacts a thermal conductivity sensor’s effectiveness and durability.


The DST Gxxx A2L Refrigerant detection sensors are designed with focus on:

Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) units, Residential and Commercial Heat Pumps, Rooftops and A/C Scroll chillers.

Commercial refrigeration
Cold rooms, display cabinets, compressor racks/packs.

Other industries
With applications using A2L refrigerants.