DMT hermetic filter driers for CO₂

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The pressure rating is 140 bar

The DMT filter drier is specially designed to cope with the high standstill and working pressures of a transcritical CO₂ refrigeration system. The pressure rating is 140 bar (2031psig) and meets the toughest international pressure equipment standards including the EN378-2.

Designed to adsorb moisture and prevent acid formation, the DMT filter drier has 100% molecular sieve solid core, which offers one of the fastest drying velocities available.

In addition to the molecular sieve, the DMT is complete with a polyester filter mat capable of filtering impurities down to 25 microns, with minimal pressure drop. The product is often seen installed in the oil return line of CO₂ systems combined with High Pressure VDHT valves. The hermetic DMT filter drier has a corrosion-resistant surface coating. 

Features and benefits

High drying capacity minimizing the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis)

25 μm (0.001 in.) filter provides high retention with minimal pressure drop

Available in sizes from 8 to 13 cubic inches

Available with solder (copper plated) and flare connections (standard and NPT)

Black paint gives a better look after brazing installation

Touchscreen interface representation an installation guide download

The installation guide and technical datasheet for DMT filter drier


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Installation guide ELIMINATOR® Hermetic filter drier Type DMT English Multiple 25 Oct, 2021 395.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet Hermetic filter drier type DMSC and DMT English Multiple 15 Sep, 2021 1.3 MB .pdf
Brochure Overview Brochure: Filter driers English Multiple 08 Apr, 2024 2.4 MB .pdf


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