DMB hermetic bi-flow filter driers, HFC optimized

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20% higher H₂O adsorption capacity

The DMB/DCB bi-flow filter driers ensure that refrigerant liquid always flows through the filter drier from the outer side of the filter core towards the center. In this way, all dirt particles are retained regardless of the flow direction.

DCB filter driers are composed of 80% Molecular Sieve with 20% activated alumina, which makes them a perfect core blend for systems that operate at high condensing temperatures and require high drying capacity.

They are especially recommended for use with HCFC refrigerants and mineral oil and also with HFC refrigerants and polyolester oil.

DMB filter driers feature a 100% molecular sieve core with a high drying capacity, minimizing the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis). They are recommended for use with HFC and HCFC refrigerants and polyolester oil.

Features and benefits

Bi-flow filter driers

Ensure fast and effective adsorption of moisture as well as organic and inorganic acids

The shell of the filter is UL approved for PS/MWP up to 46 bar/667 psig

Available with solder (cu-plated steel) and flare connections

No dirt released by reversing the flow direction

An extremely overused photo of display cases in a supermarket in strange neon colors

DMB hermetic bi-flow filter drier

Protect your HVAC/R system with the most reliable filter drier in the market.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Installation guide ELIMINATOR ® H ermetic bi-flow  lter drier Types DMB and DCB English Multiple 11 Dec, 2021 367.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet Hermetic bi-flow filter drier Type DMB and DCB English Multiple 16 Jun, 2023 1.5 MB .pdf
Data sheet Hermetic bi-flow filter drier Type DMB and DCB English Multiple 17 May, 2023 1.4 MB .pdf
Brochure Overview Brochure: Filter driers English Multiple 08 Apr, 2024 2.4 MB .pdf


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