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Danfoss inverter scroll compressor VZH is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning. It allows OEMs to stand out in the commercial HVAC and process cooling marketplaces from 4 to 52 TR (15 – 184 kW) and to exceed the upgraded energy level requirements.

Boost your packaged air conditioning units, rooftops, chillers with the Danfoss VZH range.

The energy regulations generate several challenges that can be easily taken up with variable speed technology. Inverter compressors are the best way to obtain and exceed the energy standards with high part-load and seasonal efficiency while providing several other key benefits.

On top of the advantages provided by the technology (precise cooling and humidity management, low start-up current, energy efficiency etc.), Danfoss inverter scrolls VZH have specific features that offer high value to the customers and end users.

The second generation of inverter solutions by Danfoss is now stepping beyond the energy point of view. The optimization for different pressure ratios and permanent magnet motors in inverter scroll compressors are the major contributors to these performance levels.

Features and benefits

Widest range of Inverter Scrolls, from 4 to 52TR in hybrid tandem (15-184 kW)

A prequalified compressor and drive package from a single supplier to reduce time to market and enhance reliability

A second generation featuring IDVs and Permanent Magnet Motor that provides 5% higher part load efficiency versus existing alternatives inverter scrolls

Drives with EMC compliance, built-in harmonic filters, suitability for varied climates, embedded Modbus protocol

Accurate temperature control, low starting current, high energy efficiency and low acoustic level with variable speed technology

Ease of application and high system reliability

Inverter technology in Danfoss A/C systems

Inverter technology in A/C systems

Watch an introduction to variable speed technology that enables sustainable air conditioning.

VZH datasheets

Find datasheets for various VZH compressor code numbers. 

Product range

  • VZH 13-26TR
    VZH 13-26TR

    Tests and calculations demonstrate that energy savings of over 30% can be achieved when using the VZH inverter compressor - learn more about the features of VZH.

  • VZH 4-7TR - Features
    VZH 4-7TR

    Learn more about how the VZH 4-7TR can be used to achieve energy savings up to 30%, based on tests and calculations.


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Brochure - AD Brochure Datacenter cooling with VZH inverter scrolls - GB English Multiple 25 Nov, 2018 510.3 KB .pdf
Installation guide - AN Crankcase heaters instructions German; English; French Multiple 24 Aug, 2018 359.4 KB .pdf
Installation guide - AN Discharge thermostat kit German; English; French Multiple 24 Aug, 2018 100.6 KB .pdf
Application guide - AB Guideline - Inverter scroll compressors VZH028-035-044 single serie - SI English Multiple 26 Feb, 2019 2.3 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Guideline - Inverter scroll compressors VZH088-117-170 single and manifold serie - GB - SI English Multiple 25 Nov, 2018 5.0 MB .pdf
Application guide - AB Guideline - Inverter scroll compressors VZH088-117-170 single and manifold serie - US English Multiple 25 Nov, 2018 4.9 MB .pdf
Safety guide - BH Safety data sheet, 160HV English Multiple 30 Jan, 2019 75.4 KB .pdf
Catalog - AF Spare parts and accessories Danfoss Commercial Compressors for hermetic reciprocating and scroll compressors (AC/HP & REF) English Multiple 30 Jan, 2019 1.9 MB .pdf
Installation guide - AN Surface Sump Heaters - Instructions English; French; Italian Multiple 27 Aug, 2018 337.7 KB .pdf
Installation guide - AN VZH088-117-170 Compressor English Multiple 21 Feb, 2019 821.2 KB .pdf



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