Industrial DC backup ensures no more voltage dips

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Maximum uptime is a key factor in complex industrial production lines, which makes them vulnerable to grid instability. Some applications also demand continuous running or controlled ramp down, which must be maintained even during a grid disturbance.

Intermittent AC supply seriously affects grid availability for critical loads. When AC grid disturbances occur, it's important to maintain a stable DC-bus voltage for highly-critical applications.

Danfoss offers flexible targeted battery-based industrial DC backup solutions which direct power supply to the most critical loads. This means you can size the batteries to the critical loads.  These solutions support a combination of different energy storages to ensure a stable power supply when the national grid is unreliable. This enables you to use the energy storage as the redundant power source.

Reduced cost and design time

Reduced cost and design time

Industrial DC backup from Danfoss ensures reliable hardware and software, with no external control system required.

The system provides an alternative redundant power supply, and ensures maximum uptime of the application. Battery storage supplies power for peak loadings, enabling you to reduce generator size.

It saves energy and battery capacity by supplying power to the critical inverter section directly instead of to the whole system.

Best of all, you can retrofit this system to an existing installation, and even extend it later.

Industrial DC backup with energy storage

Integrated energy storage provides back up supply in the event of brief voltage dips or longer power outages.

For plant upgrades use industrial DC backup to handle peaks rather than scaling up undersized power distribution chain.

Back-up power

An energy storage system provides back-up power in the event of energy scarcity from the supply, for example due to load shedding or unplanned blackout. During power-down, support from energy storage enables consumers to maintain operation.

The DC link voltage is constantly maintained, ensuring over and under voltage don’t occur. Battery charge is constantly topped up via fixed connection to mains, so batteries are always ready, even for brief voltage dips.

Peak shaving

In an industrial grid, you can use stored energy as the redundant power source. This also means you can run generators at nominal load and use battery power to supply peak demands. The benefits? You run generators at full load, which is more efficient than running at partial load. You can therefore reduce generator size and ultimately, achieve the same performance for lower capital investment.

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How is this different from UPS?

It’s a fair question: how is Danfoss industrial DC backup different to uninterruptible power supply?

Firstly, industrial DC backup provides flexible output power control for designated drives, and not the entire AC network. This enables you to achieve energy savings, by supplying power directly to the critical inverter section, instead of to the whole system. This in turn reduces system CAPEX cost.

Secondly, industrial DC backup is compatible with different energy storage technologies. You can use one storage technology or a combination of several, for example lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, flow batteries, and ultra capacitors.

Thirdly, with industrial DC backup you can upgrade an existing installation, extending power size by parallel installation to meet expanding needs over time. For UPS-based backup, the alternative is more expensive: to decommission and replace a purpose-built UPS. Danfoss industrial DC backup is a more integrated solution than a UPS, meaning it can be optimized for the application. For example, it is easy to integrate this solution into an existing system drive from Danfoss.

Finally, when you choose a Danfoss solution, Danfoss knowledge sharing and design assistance is part of the package. We aim to find the optimal solution for precisely your needs.

A powerful tool in industrial DC backup.

VACON® NXP DC/DC Converter

A powerful tool in industrial DC backup.


Case studies

Ironclad reliability

Ironclad reliability

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