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Safe and reliable solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry

Products from the chemical and petrochemical industry make modern life easy. These industries pose some of the strictest requirements to handling and treatment of substances like oil, gas, and a large variety of chemical compounds. Efficient supply, refining and transportation of the valuable raw materials kept at accurate temperature levels at all times can be achieved with refrigeration solutions from Danfoss.

The specifications for refrigeration in the chemical and petrochemical industries are rigid. Only approved products for certain pressure ranges and harsh environments can be used. The Danfoss products for the chemical and petrochemical industry represent high levels of reliability and safety, a long service life and high performance and energy efficiency. 

To learn more about Danfoss products for the chemical and petrochemical industry please contact your local Danfoss representative.

Features and benefits

Precise temperature control

Reliable solutions, low operation and maintenance costs

High performance and high energy efficiency


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Application guide Application Handbook - Automatic Controls for Industrial Refrigeration Systems English Multiple 20 Mar, 2018 12.0 MB .pdf

Related products

  • Product photo of the electronic valve control type EKE 347 by Danfoss
    Electronic valve control - EKE 347

    EKE 347 is the new series liquid level controller to replace the EKC 347, and EKE 347 is used for regulation of the liquid level.

  • Product photo for the heavy duty gas detector for industrial refrigeration by Danfoss
    Gas detection solution for industrial refrigeration

    Based on a digital platform, Danfoss' next generation gas detectors deliver multiple communication and integration options for easy calibration and maintenance, improved reliability, built-in cost effectiveness, and complete regulatory compliance.

  • Product group photo of the AKS4100 liquid level sensors by Danfoss
    Liquid level sensors

    The AKS 4100 liquid level sensor takes you to a whole new level of flexibility and accuracy. With TDR guided radar technology, the sensor is fully adapted to industrial refrigeration – reliable and with high accuracy.

  • Product photo of the AKS 33 pressure transmitter for refrigeration applications by Danfoss
    AKS 33 pressure transmitters

    AKS 33 pressure transmitters measure and convert pressure readings into a standard signal (4–20 mA). Its robust design makes the AKS 33 suitable for a number of fields, including air conditioning, refrigeration plant, process control, and laboratories.

  • Product photo of the AKS 3000 pressure transmitter by Danfoss
    AKS 3000 absolute transmitters

    AKS 3000 absolute transmitters with high-level signal conditioned current output meet air conditioning and refrigeration system demands for accurate low-pressure regulation. Using the proven piezoresistive measuring principle and a sealed gauge as the pressure reference, atmospheric pressure variations have zero influence on the AKS 3000's regulating accuracy.

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