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Visit Danfoss at ACT

Visit Danfoss at ACT

Meet our experts to learn more about our innovative solutions and technology for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Booth #2971
May 20-23
Las Vegas, US

What to expect

Danfoss Editron

Danfoss Editron manufacture and deliver the world’s most sophisticated hybrid and fully-electric drivetrains for the transportation sector. The company’s EDITRON system has been designed from the ground up to ensure maximum efficiency. There are many benefits to our EDITRON transportation system, which has a power range of 30-1000kW. Its highly-efficient technology reduces fuel consumption and prolongs operational range, all while emitting zero emissions. Meanwhile, the sophisticated control and monitoring software is capable of running self-diagnosis and constantly monitors. It reports on motor temperature, power situation and remaining mileage. This is greatly reducing the risk of sudden failure and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, it also boosts available low speed torque when accelerating, improving on the performance of traditional combustion engines. With the freedom of design thanks to its lightweight and compact hardware, Danfoss Editron’s system is highly tolerant to shocks and vibrations, offering excellent reliability. All of the system’s components are liquid-cooled, guaranteeing reliability throughout a wide ambient temperature range and broad set of environments. This durability directly results in a significantly longer lifespan than traditional hydraulic machines. The EDITRON system is comprised of components designed in-house with high IP-classes. It uses synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology on machines. Danfoss Editron is helping customers around the world to reduce emissions and run safe and reliable operations, all while minimizing payback time on their electric investments. 

Climate Solutions

 Danfoss BOCK (Danfoss Commercial Compressors) is a global leader in CO₂ and low-GWP compressors utilized across cooling and heating applications. As part of Danfoss Climate Solutions, it leads the charge in developing cutting-edge technologies within the heating and cooling sector, with a primary focus on decarbonization to enhance resilience and energy efficiency across diverse industries and applications. With an extensive portfolio of compressors tailored for natural refrigerants such as CO₂ (R744), hydrocarbons, and other low-GWP alternatives, BOCK enjoys widespread recognition for its commitment to quality, innovation, and environmentally friendly solutions within the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. Specifically for the Mobile/Transport applications, Danfoss BOCK's HG-series aluminum compressors epitomize the company's dedication to innovation and efficiency. These compressors, 40% lighter than conventional counterparts, boast a low-profile design suitable for vehicle roofs. Featuring a robust K-design valve plate, they ensure smooth operation in bus air conditioning and electric applications, even under challenging vehicle inclinations, thanks to specialized oil management. Additionally, the Danfoss BOCK CO2 StarCO2mpressors HR40 and HR60 represent a groundbreaking advancement in electric bus and train air conditioning. Their innovative design facilitates space-saving roof installations, boasting the industry's lowest overall height and weight. Coupled with high energy efficiency and eco-friendly heat generation through CO2 heat pumps, they operate seamlessly even in frigid -20°C conditions, eliminating the need for auxiliary heaters. This strategic alignment with Danfoss' overreaching mission amplifies our capability to provide comprehensive future-proof solutions, guiding our OEM's and customers on their journey towards decarbonization through expert consultation, excellent products and constant support & training. 

Semikron Danfoss

Semikron Danfoss

Semikron Danfoss is a global technology leader in power electronics. Our product offerings include semiconductor devices, power modules, stacks and systems. In a world that is going electric, Semikron Danfoss technologies are more relevant than ever. With our innovative solutions for automotive, industrial and renewable applications we help the world utilize energy more efficiently and sustainably and thus to significantly reduce overall CO2 emissions – facing one of the biggest challenges today. We take care of our employees and create value for our customers by investing significantly in innovation, technology, capacity and service to deliver best-in-industry performance and for a sustainable future. Semikron Danfoss is a family-owned business, merged by SEMIKRON and Danfoss Silicon Power in 2022. We employ more than 4,000 people in 28 locations across the world. Our global footprint with production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Slovakia and the United States ensures an unmatched service for our customers and partners. We offer more than 90 years of combined expertise in power module packaging, innovation and customer applications – making us the ultimate partner in power electronics.


Attending ACT Las Vegas 2024

Visit our booth #2971

If you´d like to schedule a meeting, get in touch with your Danfoss representative.


Danfoss to showcase commercial vehicle electrification technology

At booth 2971, visitors will discover how Danfoss can advance the decarbonization of transportation and help original equipment manufacturers and vehicle fleet owners meet their sustainability objectives.