Mari-Tech Conference and Exhibition 2024

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What: Mari Tech Conference & Exhibition
Where: St. John’s Convention Centre, St.John’s, NL
When: Tuesday May 14 – Thursday May 16 2024
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The Mari-Tech Conference and Exhibition, created by the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE) in 1976, is the premier event for the marine engineering community in Canada. Attendees have the chance to engage and network with industry leaders and leading professionals worldwide to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and trends in the marine industry. 

At Mari Tech Conference and Exhibition 2024, Danfoss Marine will be showcasing leading maritime technologies and solutions for the marine and electrification industry. We're thrilled to showcase our latest innovation, the iC7-Marine, designed to deliver unparalleled precision in motor control and unmatched security. Danfoss Marine strives to make that transformation seamless and economical, by allowing you to embrace electrification at scale without compromise and run fully optimized applications that you can always rely on. 

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3 Key Issues in Decarbonization Whitepaper

Access an informative whitepaper, ''Decarbonizing shipping'' and learn about 3 key issues in marine decarbonization and the main factors influencing success. Danfoss Marine specializes in the maritime industry and our unwavering focus is more than a commitment; it is a strategic advantage—allowing shipbuilders, operators, and stakeholders to benefit from reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions.

This focus allows us to delve deep into the intricacies of maritime applications, and understand the nuances of ship propulsion, control systems, and electrification in ways that broader, more diversified companies might not. Our dedicated commitment to the marine sector enables us to develop innovative technologies specifically designed to optimize efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and elevate performance standards for vessels of all types and sizes.

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    Electric machines

    A wide range of electric machines allows to select the exact machine type to fit the required torque, speed or power. Highest efficiency enabling higher operating ranges in hybrid- or full-electric applications. All electric machines are designed for the harsh operating conditions in work machines, commercial vehicles and marine applications.

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    Electric converters

    All electric converters are designed specifically for the use in mobile work machines, commercial vehicles and marine vessels to withstand the harsh environments relative to higher temperatures, vibration and shock ranges. Highest power density and efficiency, paired with a compact and light-weight construction allow a flexible integration into all machine designs. One hardware that provides several functions such as a motor and generator control or DCDC conversion. This allows for a variant reduction - functions are enabled by software.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { iC7-Marine liquid-cooled drive from Danfoss; } else if (isBigColumns) { iC7-Marine liquid-cooled drive from Danfoss } else { iC7-Marine liquid-cooled drive from Danfoss }

    Enter a new dimension of opportunities with this ultra-compact drive. As well as high power density, iC7-Marine gives you a powerful combination of intelligence and shaft performance, ready for the most challenging of applications.

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