Three Danfoss Power Solutions products nominated as finalists for Agritechnica Systems & Components Trophy 2022

Friday, January 21, 2022

DDP096 Digital Displacement® pump, XM100 controller and Autonomous Control Library, and shhark® Z17 low noise gear pump honored as components that can make a substantial contribution to the development of agricultural machinery.

Three Danfoss Power Solutions products have been named as finalists for the Agritechnica Systems & Components Trophy 2022. Presented by DLG, the German Agricultural Society, the award recognizes the inventive spirit of the supplier industry and its importance to agricultural technology. The three Danfoss innovations among the 20 nominees include the DDP096 Digital Displacement pump, the XM100 controller and Autonomous Control Library, and the shhark® Z17 low noise gear pump.

The Digital Displacement pump creates hydraulic fluid power with both high efficiency and controllability using solenoid valves to actively control each cylinder on a shaft-turn-by-shaft-turn basis. The technology offers a fast response rate and reduces losses by up to 90% compared to conventional pumps. Additionally, groups of cylinders can be brought out to the endplate and controlled independently, creating a multi-service pump in a compact package. Up to three separately controllable outputs from one pump body are possible.

The XM100 controller and Autonomous Control Library solution consists of high-processing-power hardware and software that enables functions on autonomous mobile machines, such as navigation, positioning, perception, obstacle avoidance and sensor integration. Ethernet and CAN connectivity allow the controller to manage complex tasks and command machine subsystems, such as propel, steering and work functions. Based on the PLUS+1® software platform, the library provides key software algorithms for advanced sensor fusion and autonomous navigation, and comprises pre-programmed function blocks that reduce development time. The complete solution helps OEMs shorten time to market for autonomous features.

The compact shhark® low noise gear pump reduces noise and vibration compared to conventional technologies, which can increase the service life of the pump as well as other components in the hydraulic line. Reducing noise by up to 10 dB(A), the high-performance pump eliminates the need for end-of-line noise reduction measures, providing cost and space savings. It also minimizes exposure to occupational noise and vibration, helping improve operator comfort and safety. The robust gear pump fits electric and hybrid machines, where noise is more perceivable, as well as applications such as lubrication, steering and heavy-duty operations. The overall result is low noise emission, low vibration, cost savings, improved energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

A jury of development engineers from agricultural machinery manufacturers will judge the finalists. Criteria include practical significance, benefits in profitability and processes, benefits to environment and energy use, and benefits for workload and safety. Winners will be named during an online award ceremony to be held February 8 as part of the Agritechnica 2022 digital program.

Commenting on the award nominations, Jeff Herrin, senior vice president, Research & Development, said:

“Our nominees for the Agritechnica Systems & Components Trophy represent a good cross section of our product divisions. They demonstrate our company-wide commitment to innovation, driven by our desire to supply customers with leading-edge technology that improves their applications. Increasing efficiency and productivity in the agriculture industry will be a key factor in feeding the world’s growing population, so we’re pleased these product innovations were recognized for their ability to positively impact the industry.”