Danfoss Power Solutions supports international Digital Fluid Power Workshop

Monday, September 19, 2022

EDINBURGH, Scotland - Some of Europe’s leading academics will convene in Edinburgh this week to discuss and demonstrate the innovative potential of digital fluid power. The 11th Workshop on Digital Fluid Power, DFP22, takes place September 19-20, 2022. At the event, delegates will present new ideas, concepts, components, and systems, as well as areas of favorable applications, methods of analysis, modelling, simulation, and control.

As part of the event, attendees will visit Danfoss Power Solution’s flagship Low-Carbon Innovation Center in Edinburgh, currently under construction, where they will discover how Danfoss plans to develop and manufacture a range of low-carbon technologies, including Digital Displacement® pumps and Editron electric drives.

They will also visit Fastblade, the first test facility in the world to use a Digital Displacement regenerative hydraulic actuation system to reduce the energy requirements of fatigue testing. Through this technology, the facility offers high-quality, low-cost testing of tidal blades and other composite structures for research and product development.

Commenting on the workshop, Niall Caldwell, senior director of research and development, Digital Displacement pumps, Danfoss Power Solutions, said: “Digital Displacement technology was first developed at the University of Edinburgh, so it is fitting that this workshop is taking place here. The workshop’s organizer, Win Rampen, was instrumental in the development of the technology.

“Within the next few years, Digital Displacement pumps will become a core component in excavators and other industry applications. It is vital that research groups in digital fluid power and potential end users are given opportunities, such as this workshop, to share information on new solutions and industry requirements and to stimulate innovation and further progress.”