VLT® HVAC FC 102 Drives Provide Critical Function with Condition-Based Monitoring

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Software functionality enables drives to be used as a smart sensor

Software functionality enables drives to be used as a smart sensor

With the increasing demands on HVAC systems, avoiding unplanned and costly downtime is essential. Condition-based monitoring (CBM) turns the Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive into the smartest sensor in your system - a sensor that enables predictive and condition-based monitoring, processes data on the edge and sends data wherever it’s needed.  It monitors activity in HVAC systems and alerts facility managers to potential maintenance issues so that they can be addressed before reaching a critical stage, improving uptime and reducing costs.

The VLT® HVAC FC 102 already features a compact design, efficient heat management system, multiple safety features and a wide range of functions specifically developed for use with pumps, fans, and compressors. Save energy, meet environmental regulations, maximize uptime and reduce costs in modern buildings with the intelligence CBM provides.

Intelligent drives connect with multiple input sources, such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), on-premise systems, or the cloud, sending data securely wherever it is needed. CBM embeds multiple monitoring functions in the drive, including motor-stator-winding, mechanical vibration, and load envelope monitoring. Users can set various thresholds and automatically or manually determine the baseline for monitoring with different methods in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines. Facility managers can be alerted to faults or mechanical misalignment in the early stages before a crippling failure occurs and have the ability to compare system performance with baseline data to detect changes in operating conditions and quickly remedy any problems.

“CBM has made a highly functional drive even more valuable,” said Murilo Dalla Albino, HVAC sales director, North America region, at Danfoss Drives. “Embedded CBM allows users to optimize the performance of their HVAC system, identifying and addressing maintenance concerns before a system failure, saving time and money. This is another example of how intelligent VLT® drives can solve potentially critical problems in HVAC applications.”