Need answers to your drives questions, fast?

Monday, November 14, 2022
Person using MyDrive® Assistant on their tablet

Look no further for AI-guided troubleshooting

Where can you get help anytime, anywhere, to troubleshoot your Danfoss drive or power converter?

When you need information quickly, ask MyDrive® Assistant for fast, AI-guided troubleshooting. No more searching through manuals for answers to warning, fault, and alarm codes, or FAQs — simply start describing your problem. MyDrive® Assistant interprets your intent and guides you to the right information: manual downloads, diagnosis, and digital tools. You can even select your favorite language: English, Spanish or German. Still need more information? Then MyDrive® Assistant puts you in touch with a Danfoss office near you.

You can find MyDrive® Assistant here, in MyDrive® Suite, and on each product webpage.

Features and benefits

MyDrive® Assistant now offers live chat escalation with: 

  • Technical Support or Aftersales agents available on business day from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CST 
  • Ability to escalate chat into Live call or video if needed 
  • Live calls/cases can be transferred back to the chat so that a user can use their smartphone to help us troubleshoot faster 

New features and options are available in the self-help tool and are continually being updated: 

  • Paths for directing users to videos, manuals and other documents 
  • One-stop shop for all your technical needs, without the need to contact support  
  • Options to help customers find software tools on the Danfoss website 

Our chatbot and live chat resource use algorithms to continually improve and meet customer needs.