Danfoss DrivePro® Site Assessment Ensures Productivity and Peace of Mind

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
 On-site survey provides full analysis of AC drives

On-site survey provides full analysis of AC drives

Facilities can now get a more complete picture of the life cycle stage of their AC drives with Danfoss’ DrivePro® Site Assessment. Part of the DrivePro® Life Cycle suite of services, Site Assessment provides facility owners and managers with the opportunity to plan for future maintenance, retrofits and upgrades based on their exact needs.

In order to optimize their maintenance strategy and improve uptime, facility managers need to plan ahead. DrivePro® Site Assessment gives them the tools and knowledge they need to make sound maintenance and budgeting decisions. The service includes a site visit by a well-trained Danfoss expert who will inspect all AC drives, evaluate the life cycle stage of each individual asset and, after analyzing the collected data, provide a tailored service solution with maintenance recommendations. To ensure optimization for the site, recommendations are aligned with the customer’s maintenance strategy.

With a full risk analysis of their assets, managers can pinpoint high-risk drives and take action to mitigate the risk, boosting productivity by minimizing unexpected maintenance. Effective asset management ensures facility owners and managers can maximize profitability by reducing downtime and making informed decisions on asset upgrades.

“DrivePro® Site Assessment gives facility owners and managers the insight they need to make sound decisions about the maintenance of their assets,” said Tim Smith, DrivePro program manager. “Our Danfoss experts understand the importance of maximizing uptime and minimizing delays and work with customers collaboratively to develop a maintenance plan for their specific needs.”