Danfoss acquires 1500 VDC converter technology and team to extend electrification portfolio

Friday, February 2, 2024
Danfoss Drives has acquired 1500 VDC converter technology from Ampner Oy, with plans to scale up its advanced electrification portfolio within energy storage.

Danfoss Drives has acquired 1500 VDC converter technology from Ampner Oy, with plans to scale up its advanced electrification portfolio within energy storage.

Danfoss Drives is a global frontrunner in the growing field of electrification with solutions in key applications such as Power-to-X, smart grids and energy storage, fast charging, and electrification of ports and vessels. Now, they are announcing the acquisition of the ACE300 product and the takeover of the product team from Finland-based company Ampner Oy, to extend the electrification portfolio with a dedicated 1500 VDC power converter. The product will be integrated within Danfoss Drives’ portfolio of Electrification Solutions with primary focus on Smart Grids and energy storage. As an established and respected power systems expert in renewable energy and hybrid power systems, Ampner will continue to grow its power engineering business.

Mika Kulju, President of the Danfoss Drives business, says: “With 2030 climate targets becoming ever more imminent, decarbonization via electrification is accelerating in multiple sectors. There is a growing trend in all focus application areas where 1500 V DC is starting to play a key role. This is a big step for Danfoss Drives in ensuring a complete electrification offering, thus securing the right solutions for our customers in their electrification projects.”  

Energy storage is a cornerstone in the global energy transition

Energy storage systems are key in the global energy transition. Energy storage systems secure a continuous availability of renewable energy, while strengthening a constant energy supply, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and promoting environmental sustainability.

With the extension of the electrification portfolio, Danfoss Drives will be able to support customers even better in battery energy storage system applications (BESS). Battery energy storage can be used for mobile power supply; to absorb surplus renewable power for later use; and in peak shaving in industrial plants, smoothing peaks and troughs in power supply. 

Energy storage plays a key role in the successful transformation of our energy system. While there is no single solution to the climate crisis, energy storage can offer a substantial opportunity to accelerate the green transition and make a major global impact within decarbonization.

Shekhar Kubal, Head of Electrification Business Unit, states: “I am excited to extend our team and strengthen our power conversion portfolio. The new team has developed an extraordinarily strong product, and we will add even more value to it while integrating it into the Danfoss Electrification portfolio. In the electrification business unit, we are excited to offer our customers even better energy storage solutions from now on, and we are looking forward to sharing this exciting news with our customers.
I consider this to be a promising start. We will continue to expand the portfolio using energy efficient technologies targeting decarbonization, together with our partners.”

Clayton Gibbons, Head of Electrification & System Drives – Americas, states: "This portfolio expansion is extremely relevant to serve projects within the United States Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL) and Department of Energy (DOE) programs in particular. Danfoss has never been more relevant within power conversion, partners can expect continued world class solutions as a result."