Three 1,400 ton chillers powered by 21 Danfoss Turbocor® compressors improve efficiency and lower costs at data center in California

Monday, February 16, 2015

A world leading company in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies, houses multiple data centers at its 40 building campus in San Diego. In order to power the campus, the company uses an expansive, on-site energy infrastructure with gas turbine generators to provide prime power. According to some estimates, for every 100 watts spent on powering the servers, another 50 watts is needed to cool them. When operating at peak performance, costs associated with powering and cooling data centers are enormous.

In an effort to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency and to lower the total cost of ownership, the company decided it was time to upgrade its existing system. As part of the combined cooling and power requirement, the company needed to replace a 700 ton chiller with a new 1,400 ton chiller to provide reliable critical backup chilled water services to maintain proper temperature in the server rooms. 

Experts Seek Industry’s Best Technology
There was no off-the-shelf technology available to meet the specific requirements of the job and a team of experts was assembled to create a custom solution. The result is the first-of-its-kind ArcticCool ACW1400GT5022 – a 1,400 ton chiller equipped with seven Danfoss Turbocor™ compressors. The new oil-free chiller provides sustainable variable speed energy efficiency, compressor redundancy, deep turndown flexibility, extremely low maintenance costs, and low noise. Since installing the new chiller, the company has saved more than 30% on compressor energy costs annually.

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