Danfoss releases long-lasting, reliable backup power module for electronic stepper motor valves

Monday, July 13, 2020
Danfoss releases long-lasting, reliable backup power module for electronic stepper motor valves

Danfoss has just released its EKE 2U backup power module for applications such as chillers, heat pumps, cold rooms, CRAC, and food retail—making it easier than ever to protect the compressor in the event of a power outage.

A reliable, easy-to-use alternative to battery packs and solenoid shutoff valves, the Danfoss EKE 2U backup power module reacts quickly to prevent liquid from entering the compressor should the mains power fail.

The module’s ultracapacitor-based technology can be fully charged within 150 seconds, and eliminates the need for battery changing—common with many traditional backup solutions. Meanwhile, its state-of-health indicator helps to quickly identify an unexpected failure—enabling OEMs to deliver a reliable failsafe.

Importantly, the EKE 2U’s galvanic isolation protection and reverse polarity protection also means that its 24v AC/DC power supply can safely be shared between several compatible controllers—such as the Danfoss EKE 1 series—reducing the number of components and additional power supplies, and simplifying system design. This helps reduce overall costs.

Other key features and benefits include:

  • Two LED arrays—to indicate module status and errors.
  • Protected power input and output—to eliminate the risk of reverse polarity and shorting.
  • Active monitoring—to ensure healthy operations.
  • Ease of use—with plug-and-play installation for Danfoss controllers.
  • Long life—longer operating life than battery-powered modules and greater reliability due to state-of-health monitoring.

Victor Marinich, Global Segment Director—Air Conditioning at Danfoss said: "The EKE 2U is a great support for OEMs looking to improve backup power reliability in their systems. Its use of a capacitor rather than batteries—plus its unique LED status, error display, and ability to communicate module status to the controller mean that maintenance and replacements can be kept to a minimum."

The EKE 2U is another welcome addition to Danfoss’s extensive portfolio of electronic components which includes the MCX, EKE and EIM365 Superheat controllers, along with a wide range of temperature and pressure sensors.

The module can also be used with third-party controllers and valves—making it a versatile option for a wide-range of systems.

The EKE 2U is now available from Danfoss suppliers worldwide.

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