Danfoss launches MBS 1600 pressure transmitters – specifically designed for the wind turbine industry

Friday, May 22, 2020

With the new MBS 1600 OEM pressure transmitters, Danfoss is expanding its wide portfolio of robust pressure transmitters tailored to meet the most demanding requirements within the wind power industry.

The MBS 1600 pressure transmitters are built tough to withstand the harsh environments that wind power applications face. The dedicated range of pressure transmitters comes with all the needed electrical and pressure connections for easy integration into the nacelle.

Its robust design ensures relentless monitoring of the pressure in pitch cylinders, brake systems, power packs, gearboxes, and cooling systems – to allow for higher performance, quicker corrections, and predictive maintenance.

“We basically started with a blank piece of paper – looking into the various requirements from the major wind turbine manufacturers. This resulted in the unique and spot on fitting pressure transmitter MBS 1600,” said Market Segment Manager Per Sønderriis.

The compact Hex 22 and fully welded design provides excellent EMC immunity for a  failsafe measuring signal while also ensuring superior resistance to shock and vibrations, and demonstrating high electromagnetic compatibility. Combined with zero drift, the pressure transmitter provides unrivalled long-term stability. Simply ´fit and forget´.  

MBS 1600 is a robust and reliable update to the Danfoss MBS series. The series is globally available with a dedicated program of pressure transmitters and temperature sensors for gearboxes, main bearings, main shafts, and generators in wind turbines.

Overall features and benefits of the MBS 1600 pressure transmitter include:

  • Immunity to electrical noise in the harshest environments (direct-coupled, transient, and case noise)
  • Mis-wire protected
  • Short-circuit protected
  • CE-approved EMC immunity
  • Complying with the standards and product specifications requested by larger OEMs in the wind turbine industry

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