Danfoss extends its Turbocor® training and support resources with 12 new e-lessons

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Danfoss has released new online training materials for technicians working with its Turbocor® oil-free compressors—further extending the support and learning resources to help users and OEMs maintain long-lasting performance.

Built in the USA and China to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, Danfoss Turbocor® oil-free centrifugal compressors are already bringing new levels of efficiency with more than 80,000 installations around the world.

But while the compressor’s unique magnetic bearing technology delivers high efficiency with zero performance degradation, it also requires specific service and maintenance skills to ensure long-lasting performance and service life.

Danfoss has therefore developed a Turbocor® support portal, which provides free, concise service advice and training. The portal is designed to help any Turbocor® user or OEM engineer get the most out of Turbocor®, and ensure their compressors maintain optimum performance.  

The latest additions, 12 new e-lessons, provide a helpful overview of the unique oil-free technology, and why it’s different from a conventional compressor. They include:

1.      About Turbocor®—An introduction to the product and its applications

2.      Tools you can use—Information about the support available on the Turbocor website

3.      Safety best practices—Everything you need to know about maintaining safe operations

4.      Service Monitoring Tool (SMT) —Introduction to the compressor communication software

5.      TurboTool®—A guide to Turbocor®’s service and troubleshooting app

6.      About the Turbocor® Compressor—Learn about the basic components and functionality

7.      Product Capacity and Operation Range – Overview of model offering, capabilities and applications

8.      Compressor Cooling – Overview of compressor motor and electronics

9.      Compressor Interface – Connecting and communicating with the Turbocor® compressor

10.   Centrifugal Compression Principles – Principles of centrifugal compression

11-12.    Compressor Operation (Part 1 and 2) – detailed information on how Turbocor® compressors operate

The e-lessons supplement Danfoss’s extensive support for Turbocor® customers:

  • Online tools—including product guides, detailed service videos, and pricing information,
  • TurboTool® app—for quick, remote product troubleshooting,
  • Face to Face support—Comprehensive two-day training event at Danfoss’ Tallahassee plant or available onsite training for larger groups.

“Danfoss Turbocor® oil free compressors deliver high reliability and unmatched full and part-load efficiency,” said Ray Good, Director of Applications Engineering for Danfoss Turbocor®.

“To ensure our customers gain the maximum benefit of our unique technology, it’s vitally important that owners, service technicians,  and OEM personnel have access to the best quality support and advice. That’s why Danfoss has extended its Turbocor® training and support resources to maintain high compressor performance and reliability for the life of the equipment in which it is installed.”

The 12 new Turbocor® e-lessons are available free and on-demand through the Danfoss Learning portal.