Danfoss Breaks Ground on New Turbocor Manufacturing Facility

Thursday, October 7, 2021
Danfoss Turbocor will triple current capacity to meet growing demand from global markets

Danfoss Turbocor will triple current capacity to meet growing demand from global markets

Danfoss is excited to announce the groundbreaking on its new manufacturing facility Tallahassee, Florida on September 21. The 167,000 SF building, scheduled for completion in early 2023, will host state-of-the-art manufacturing for the VTX line and two TT/TG lines for Danfoss’ Turbocor compressors. The new facility will triple current manufacturing capacity to meet a fast-growing demand from the American, European and Asian Pacific markets for cooling and heating high efficiency compressors.

Once manufacturing operations are moved to the new building, the existing 70,000 SF building will be converted to an Oil-Free Technology Center, housing R&D activities including pilot productions of new cooling technologies and services.

Turbocor compressors use magnetic-bearing technology instead of oil and provide a low-carbon and ultra-low GWP cooling option for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units. The oil-free high efficiency compressor technology is a key enabler to meet the decarbonization goals of commercial buildings, cities and countries. Danfoss is the leader and pioneer of oil-free compressors in the HVAC-R industry and is committed to continuing the development of the technology to reduce the carbon footprint of key vital infrastructure like data centers, hospitals, hotels, airports and their needs in cooling and heating.

The capacity increase is fully aligned with the push from Danfoss’ key customers to drive high energy efficiency and sustainability within the global HVAC-R industry. The company has made similar investments in its manufacturing site in China and Configuration Center in Europe in order to support its global customers.    

“We are excited about increasing our manufacturing capacity,” said Ricardo Schneider, president of Danfoss Turbocor. “We’re at an inflection point with our technology as we see significant growth year-over-year. The technology is moving toward mainstream, and this new facility will help us continue to innovate and develop new technologies to remain a market leader in low-carbon cooling. With the urgent need to reduce our carbon emissions and slow the rate of global warming, Danfoss will continue to be a leader in clean energy technologies.”

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