Coolselector®2 makes designing and optimizing cooling systems fast and easy

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Coolselector®2 is the free, fully customizable refrigeration components calculator from Danfoss.


With Coolselector®2, users can simulate, calculate, and optimize the performance of refrigeration systems by specifying the refrigerant and thermal and load conditions. Featuring a user-friendly interface, Coolselector®2 allows users to adjust and optimize the selection and specification of individually selectable components.

With user-provided data, Coolselect®2 calculates the performance and the energy consumption of the system, including complex systems such as transcritical CO2, multi-ejector, and ammonia systems.

Designing new systems is not just time-consuming, it often leads to unnecessary over-dimensioning of lines, components, and refrigerant charges. By simulating a system's performance under several conditions, Coolselector®2 helps select the optimal charge, controls, compressors, evaporators, condensers, and pipe sizes, helping users save money when designing a new HVACR system.

Coolselector®2 is essential for engineers, consultants, and system designers working in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry by allowing cooling professionals to compare and analyze the performance of individual components or a complete line of components depending on different various conditions.

This ability to essentially see into the future before building a system will save cooling professionals valuable time and capital while offering vital information for future product-development without the difficulty of product or comparative testing, vastly expediting the time new products take to get to market.