Coolselector®2 v.3.0.0 – detailed log(p)-h diagrams for all available refrigerants

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

In version 3.0.0 of Coolselector®2, we are proud to introduce a new feature; namely, the detailed log(p)-h diagrams for all available refrigerants.

This means that whenever you have selected a component within Coolselector®2, you can view a detailed log(p)-h diagram for your chosen refrigerant. To view the diagram simply look in the “Performance details” part of Coolselector®2 when selecting a component:


Alternatively, you can view all available log(p)-h diagrams for each refrigerant by going to the “Tools” menu and choosing “Log(p)-h diagrams”:


The log(p)-h diagrams look like this (e.g. TE5-55 // R134a):


The log(p)-h diagrams are all based on data from ASEREP (v3.5.0). However, should you choose to use another refrigerant – or a refrigerant mix – i.e. from REFPROP, you can draw the log(p)-h diagrams for these as well by changing your preferences for refrigerant equations by going to the menu “Options | Preferences | Edit Preferences | Refrigerant equations”. Please be aware that using REFPROP with Coolselector®2 requires that you have REFPROP 9.0 or newer installed.

Using the buttons at the top of the screen when viewing the log(p)-h diagram, will allow you to copy or print the diagram. Alternatively, you can also add it to the Coolselector®2 report by selecting it as an add-on to the standard generated features:


Circulation rate in wet return line

Further to the log(p)-h diagrams, Coolselector®2 v3.0.0, now allows you to vary capacity by varying mass flow or by varying circulation rates when plotting a performance curve for a selection in the wet return line. If a riser (vertical pipe) is present in the wet return line, you can also plot/indicate the minimum recommended riser mass flow corresponding to a Kutateladze number of 3.2 (the normally used limit for backflow in a riser):


We sincerely hope you enjoy these new features.

You can download Coolselector®2 for free from