New blueprint outlines recommendations for systems approach to building efficiency

Monday, May 8, 2017

Danfoss supports Alliance to Save Energy’s Systems Efficiency Initiative, calls for stakeholders to act to maximize energy efficiency in buildings


Danfoss today joined the Alliance to Save Energy and more than 50 other organizations and companies in releasing a blueprint that outlines key actions that businesses, governments, design professionals, and others can take to improve systems efficiency in buildings.

The blueprint, titled “Going Beyond Zero: A Systems Efficiency Blueprint for Building Energy Optimization and Resilience,” was released at the Alliance’s 10th annual EE Global Forum in Washington, D.C. It was accompanied by a call to action to all stakeholders involved in the buildings sector to recognize that a systems approach is increasingly necessary to maximize energy savings in buildings — and to support the implementation of the actions recommended in the blueprint. It is the second report of the Alliance’s Systems Efficiency Initiative (SEI), which seeks to capitalize on new technologies allowing smarter interactions of components within and among various building systems, as well as interactions among multiple buildings, and between the building and the electric grid.

The Systems Efficiency Initiative is a multiyear collaboration among more than fifty entities — including manufacturers, designers and builders, electric and natural gas utilities, national and state-level government agencies, and efficiency advocates — to advance energy efficiency in building systems. The Alliance to Save Energy launched the SEI in February 2015 to investigate the significant untapped energy savings potential of a systems-level efficiency approach to buildings.

Download the blueprint here