EnVisioneering Exchange Podcast Series Explores Heat Pumps and Their Role in Decarbonization

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Industry experts in decarbonization and electrification weigh in on heat pump technology

Industry experts in decarbonization and electrification weigh in on heat pump technology

Danfoss’ EnVisioneering Exchange podcast series, now in its third season, continues to explore the megatrends shaping our future with a lineup of guests from all facets of the HVACR industry. February’s episodes feature discussions on heat pumps, their role in decarbonization and how the industry and policymakers can encourage their adoption.

In “The Role of Heat Pumps in Decarbonization,” scheduled for release on February 2, Steve Nadel, executive director of American Council on an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), discusses the barriers to heat pump adoption, particularly in buildings. He emphasizes the importance of educating both consumers and contractors on the value of heat pumps and financial incentives for building owners, as well as the need for new technologies that increase heat pump effectiveness in colder climates.

In “Clearing the Hurdles to Heat Pump Adoption,” scheduled to drop on February 20, Ron Domitrovic, program manager for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), addresses some of the heat pump technologies on the horizon and what policies are needed to increase adoption. He notes that variable-speed heat pumps, powered by variable-speed compressors, have helped make heat pumps more effective and efficient in colder climates, but the technology needs to continue to evolve to make it cost-effective to retrofit existing buildings with heat pump systems. Increasing adoptions also requires educating contractors and suppliers on the benefits of heat pumps and options for installation.

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