Danfoss supports the launch of new cooling report Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All

Thursday, July 19, 2018

On July 16, 2018 John Galyen, President of Danfoss North America joined a global panel at the United Nations in New York to discuss the first-ever report to quantify the growing risks and assess the opportunities of the global cooling challenge was developed with contributions from the Global Panel on Access to Cooling. Conclusions of the report include the important role of industry to solve growing cooling demand in a sustainable way, by thinking more holistically about heating and cooling and deploy the most efficient existing technology and develop new, innovative solutions for the most vulnerable.

Cooling is an essential need in everyone´s modern daily life. In an increasingly warming world, the impact of not having access to modern cooling solutions is profound. Deploying the most efficient, best-in-class technology brings huge environmental and socio-economic benefits, by responding to the growing cooling demand and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, creating sustainable, efficient cold chains can reduce food loss and keep vital medicine stored safely.

The new “Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All” report, released by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP), outlines recommendations on how to increase access to affordable and sustainable cooling solutions throughout the world.

As an industry leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration and member of SEforALL’s initiative Cooling for All, Danfoss has directly contributed to the report with technological insights. The 
industry has a big role in sharing expertise on how to build a vision for a sustainable future with the best available technologies. 

During the panel discussion, Galyen commented 'As the report has shown, we are challenged by heat extremes for the most vulnerable people, inefficient cold chains and a warming world. It underlines that we need to act today; and the good news is that, we have proven, available solutions to do so. Danfoss has solutions that help to properly control temperature in commercial buildings, food and vaccines. Industry has proven we can meet technological challenges. Now we need to take a holistic approach that includes supportive regulation, incentives, education and collaboration to deploy the proven technologies that are available today to achieve sustainable cooling for all.’ 

Danfoss is fully committed to accelerating energy efficiency as a way to provide cooling access for all. The key focus is to enhance global adoption of efficient, sustainable cold chains to keep our food fresh and safe and preserve medicine and vaccines. Danfoss is also actively raising awareness about the need to scale up energy efficiency policy and action, such as minimum energy performance standards and labeling, to ensure the use of the best available technology. 

The role of business is crucial in succeeding solving the world’s cooling challenge, says Rachel Kyte, CEO and Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All: “In a world facing continuously rising temperatures, access to cooling is not a luxury – it’s essential for everyday life. To secure cold supply chains for fresh produce, safe storage of life-saving vaccines, safe work and housing conditions, we need the continued leadership from industry and businesses across many sectors. Businesses that put energy efficiency first and a focus on clean technologies will not only reap rewards but also help us achieve cooling for all and ensure we leave no one behind.”

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