Energy optimization of apartment buildings

Energy optimization towards more sustainable buildings

is not an ‘if’, but a ‘how’. With the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, renovations and smart solutions are the key to meeting carbon reduction targets whilst ensuring a high level of comfort.

What is your challenge?

At Danfoss, we’ve been crafting the solutions for a more efficient tomorrow for decades. We understand the challenges. The legislation. And the need for action – within any budget or time frame. As your knowledgeable partner specialized in efficient heating and cooling solutions, we provide you with the building blocks to simplify the decarbonizing of multi-family buildings, from roof to basement.

The challenges and needs might differ from building to building, but one thing is for sure, all our solutions are dedicated to meeting regulations, reducing a building’s carbon footprint, and ensuring a high level of comfort for tenants.

Building blocks for decarbonizing your building

Balancing the heating system is key

Hydronic balancing is essential for optimizing HVAC systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and reducing energy consumption.

The balancing process adjusts flow rates to real-time demand, preventing heat allocation errors and contributing to significant energy savings. With rising energy prices, and a global push towards reducing CO2 emissions, hydronic balancing offers a practical solution to enhance system performance and meet climate goals.

It also addresses common issues, such as noise from uneven heating distribution, improves indoor comfort and extends the system's lifespan.

Domestic Hot Water

Seamless Domestic Hot Water (DHW) solutions for your project

Prioritize safety and mitigate legionella risks with our reliable on-demand DHW heating solutions. Our easy-to-install, pre-assembled systems are tailored to address the growing skills shortage, ensuring a swift journey to your project's successful completion. . Whether deployed independently or integrated into flat stations, our systems offer a dependable solution, addressing concerns related to legionella while providing a consistent supply of optimal water temperature.

Smart building optimization with Leanheat®

Smart building optimization with Leanheat®

Efficient buildings – optimized energy production.
Danfoss Leanheat® Building is smart building control and maintenance powered by IoT. An application-driven suite of end-to-end software and services that harnesses the power of digitalization to optimize energy production and consumption, increase operational efficiencies, and put building control and maintenance in your hands.

Application guidance

Energy optimization in your building can be done in many ways depending on your scope. In our latest eBook, “Energy optimization of multi-family buildings”, we dive into the decarbonization possibilities and heating solutions for apartment buildings.  

Discover solutions ranging from optimizing radiator installations to extensive upgrades from fossil fuels to low carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps. 

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Apartment block saves energy and money with AI and dynamic balancing

Centrally heated apartment buildings often suffer from variations in room temperatures due to inefficient and unbalanced heating systems. This can lead to unhappy residents complaining about lack of comfort or high energy bills.