Multi-family buildings

Increase the attractiveness of your multi-family building

Modern heating technology gives property owners and managers numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in their buildings. Whether planning a new build, renovation or refurbishment.
Danfoss aims to bring the full benefits of efficient heating systems to everyone involved in apartment block living. This means achieving a better return on investment, lower overall costs, greater comfort and safety, and reduced environmental impact.


Multiple application design options are available for all sorts of projects, from renovations to new builds.
User needs, functional requirements, budget and investment returns must all be taken into consideration when selecting the right solution.

How we can help you

For residents

  • Affordable rent and utilities with no surprises
  • Hygenic domestic hot water whenever I need it
  • Individual temperature zones - anytime, everywhere
  • Modern building services - that I don't have to worry about
  • No noises from the heating system and all the radiators give off heat
  • Modern heating technology that gives the environment a break

For owners

  • Stable costs during planning and implementation of renovation and new-build projects
  • Lowest possible investment with rapid payback
  • Retains its value over the long.term: easy to rent, easy to sell
  • No need for legionella testing
  • Satisfied tenants: no complaints due to noise or under-supply to individual radiators
  • Reliable heating technology - easy to operate and easy to bill

For tall building specifiers

Tall building solutions all in one place 

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Brochure "Increase the attractiveness of your multi-family building"

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Related applications

  • Energy metering

    In buildings with multiple users, energy metering can be used to identify what amount of heating or cooling energy each user has consumed. Danfoss offers a broad range of ultrasonic heat and cool meters, as well as related Automatic Meter Reading solutions.

  • Hydronic balancing and control

    Danfoss Hydronic balance and control solutions ensure an optimized distribution of heating and cooling water in HVAC systems. The recommended solution depends on the system; constant flow or variable flow systems, the application; heating and/or cooling and heat emitters; radiators, terminal units or others.

  • Smart heating

    Danfoss smart heating enables you to adjust heating to your daily schedule and control it using smart phone.
    Danfoss smart heating has a solution for every home and need– from a stand-alone smart radiator thermostat to a complete smart heating system for total control anytime and anywhere.

  • Room temperature control

    Radiator thermostats and room temperature controller systems compensate for fluctuating heating requirements, keeping the temperature in every room at the level individually set by the resident.

  • Underfloor heating - hydronic

    Danfoss is the best partner to establish your hydronic (water-based) floor heating system. The broad range of underfloor heating products containing panels, pipes, manifolds, mixing-shunts and room temperature controls offers a high-quality solution for every new-build and renovation project.

  • Underfloor heating - electric

    Danfoss solution is the best option for electrical heating because it works for all types of floors, for all rooms and in many building types. Danfoss electrical heating for interior underfloor heating ensures comfort, minimal energy consumption, flexibility, and durability.

    Danfoss intelligent solutions with long-lasting effect are the most efficient investments in the long run for any home.

Case studies

  • Renovation of an apartment building with flat stations, Hamburg, Germany

    Until 2014, the apartments in this multi-family building located in the Hamburg suburb of Bergedorf were heated using electrical water heaters and supplied with domestic hot water using electrical instantaneous water heaters. Now, after the renovation, a block heating station in the basement of the building provides heating distributed via flat stations installed in the stairwell and used for decentralized domestic hot water. Tenants were able to stay in their apartments throughout the renovation process.

  • ASV automatic balancing valves in buildings in 4 streets, Jonkoping, Sweden

    During the past few years a huge demand for sustainable living has emerged. The pressure on creating environmental friendly or green buildings is higher than ever. Also for existing buildings the need for not leaving a big blueprint on the globe is becoming increasingly important. In Jönköping, Sweden, the community living in the Västerkåkar neighborhood is going forward. In 2013 substantial changes to the communal heating system in the buildings in four streets showed that a green example can be set, in just a couple of steps.

  • Apartment building renovation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an office building from the 60’s was completely stripped to its core and re-built. The project involved creating new offices and adding a further nine floors of luxury apartments on top. The developer wanted a highly sustainable climate system with both heating and comfort cooling. 

  • 17 residential buildings, Beijing, China

    "We wanted to avoid typical complaints related to poor hydronic balancing while also residents optimal comfort. With the help of Danfoss, we fully achieved both these goals."

  • 45% savings in energy consumption, Moscow, Russia

    “With the project we achieved several important results. First of all the heat consumption was reduced and the number of complaints from tenants decreased significantly. Secondly, we now have a very reliable system with a high quality of service management."

  • Individual room controls in apartment buildings, Istanbul, Turkey

    "Individual room temperature controls will provide future occupants energy savings and a high comfort level."