Apartment building renovation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Friday, 19 September 2014

"With the Danfoss CF2 system we are able to control the underfloor heating and cooling, and can also ensure future flexibility for repositioning of the thermostats at the same time."
Bas Linsen, Underfloor heating constructor

A sustainable solution

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, an office building from the 60’s was completely stripped to its core and re-built. The project involved creating new offices and adding a further nine floors of luxury apartments on top. The developer wanted a highly sustainable climate system with both heating and comfort cooling. Heat is supplied to the building via the city’s district heating system. To achieve the desired cooling effect, a customized solution was developed that involved drawing water from the river Maas, which flows right alongside the building. The water is then fed into heat exchangers to provide the cooling.

Floor heating and cooling

To ensure that residents in the apartments could enjoy the most comfortable possible living experience, the decision was taken to use floor heating. During the warm months of the year, this system is also able to contribute to cooling the apartments. A manual switch to change from heating to cooling operation ensures that heating and cooling cannot work simultaneously and avoids wasting energy.

Flexibility required

Throughout the apartments, non-structural stud walls were used to give future owners the flexibility to arrange the room layout to suit their personal preferences. This design choice meant that the temperature controls in each of the rooms needed to be easy to relocate.

Wireless controls

A Danfoss solution using the CF2 wireless control system was chosen to accommodate the demands of the innovative design concept. This allowed temperatures to be set individually in each room. In addition, the wireless CF-R thermostats provided the necessary flexibility for possible future changes to the room layout in the apartments. Thanks to 2-way communication between room thermostats and the central master controller on a frequency of 868.42 MHz, the wireless system is extremely reliable.

The apartment cabinet

Heating and cooling supplies enter the apartment and are connected to the manifold. A manual switch allows the apartment occupants to determine between heating or cooling control. CF2 contains several features to optimize control in floor-cooling applications and the CF-MC Master Controller automatically opens or closes the electric actuators. Each is controlled by one of the CF-R room thermostats.

Country: The Netherlands
Building type: Apartments
Building year: 2012
Size: 36 x 210 m2
Heat emitter: Underfloor heating
Cool emitter: Underfloor cooling
Control type: CF2 (CF-MC, CF-RD, CF-RS, CF-EA)
Heat source: District heating
Cooling source: River water
Company name: Jupiter Vloerverwarming Benelux BV
Company industry: Underfloor heating construction
Private consumer name: Mr. and Mrs. Schoneveld

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