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Back for good installation

Meet the new Danfoss Electronic Room Controls. Designed to make life easier.

The first Danfoss ERC to be 100% co-created with installers just like you.

We’re sorry we didn’t get it right last time, but we listened to you and now we’re back with a new and improved ERC range that we know you’re going to be pleased with because it is quicker and easier to install.

Fast and hassle-free to install. Streamlined range for easier selection.

We listened to you. Now we can share the results of our collaboration!

We took your feedback on board and went back to the drawing board to develop a new, improved collection of ERCs, and choosing the right one for your job couldn’t be simpler just use the Product Selector tool on the Danfoss Installer App to make your life easier

From a new industry-standard backplate, multiple cable access design and intuitive display wrapped up in a full white exterior, the new Danfoss ERC are designed for ultimate ease – from selection and installation to programming and everyday use.

We’ve also streamlined the range to make it easier to choose the right ERC for your customers. Here’s the new line-up:

  • TS710 and FP720 Time switch and Programmer
  • TP5001 range of Programmable Room Thermostats
  • RET2001 range of Digital Room Thermostats
  • RET1001M Dial Room Thermostat

But that’s not all. As well as updating the exterior styling we’ve made aesthetic improvements to the ERC displays and made them even easier to read. Upgrades include a larger dial on the RET range, sharper detailing on RET and TP models, and new LEDs and clearer labelling of functions on the FP720.

What more could you want? Okay, we know what you really want is to win the lottery. Unfortunately, we can’t fix that – but we have fixed our ERC to make your life – and your customers’ lives – easier.

The new Danfoss ERC range – designed by installers, for installers.

Time Switches and Programmers

New and improved in every way that matters

  • Added +1 hour boosted button(s)
  • Indicator lights for each channel
  • CH button changed to PB
  • Additional tap and radiator symbol
  • Multi cable access design 
  • Industry backplate 
  • Service interval updated 
  • Full white design 
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Room Thermostats

When simple is just better 

  • More appealing dial design 
  • Large cable access 
  • Cable access to the rear, top and side 
  • Extra live terminal added 
  • High and low limiting design
  • Full white design 
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Setting the standard

  • 5 Year warranty
  • Grey lasered control markings 
  • Standby button and PCB upgraded
  • RF range is paired from the factory 
  • Cable access from the top, rear and side 
  • Extra live terminal added 
  • New mains design (surface mount)
  • Full white design 
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Programmable room thermostats 

Full of features, yet easy to use 

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Large backlit display
  • Battery version, Main power version and Radio frequency version (RF)
  • 5/2 days or 24-hour schedule, 4 events function
  • Holiday mode & frost protect temperature settings
  • Maximum and Minimum temperature settings
  • Standby button
  • Multiple cable access for ease of installation
  • Optimised or Delayed Start options
  • Volt free output
  • Service Interval timer
  • Boiler plus compliant
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Back for good piece of mind

Trusted reliability. Proven energy saving. Fully compliant. It’s got it all!

Extended warranty for extra peace of mind.

We’re so confident in the reliability of our new, improved ERC range that we’ve extended the warranty from 2 to 5 years. That’s extra peace of mind for you and your customers.

Also, when you choose a Danfoss ERC you can be sure it’s 100% Boiler Plus compliant – that’s another box ticked.

Expect more from Danfoss.

  • Trusted reliability - Extending our warranty from 2 to 5 years warranty
  • Fully compliant - Meets all legislation and boiler plus compliant
  • We support you - You can meet Danfoss experts face to face and we supply the right training 
  • Simple by design - Full white thermostat design with easy-to-read display

Raising the bar

We’ve raised the bar on energy saving - and that’s official. Research by the University of Salford has shown that replacing a standard room thermostat with one that controls the boiler using load or weather compensation can deliver savings whenever the heating is on. So, when you choose a new Danfoss ERC you can pass on all these energy saving benefits to your customers.


Fast and easy to install and the obvious choice for efficiency too.  The new Danfoss ERC range really has got it all.

  • OpenTherm protocol (thermostat/boiler)
  • On/off load compensation
  • Temperature locking and limiting (new on Dial)
  • 2% Energy Saving (Class 4 – ERP)
  • 3% Energy Saving (Class 5 – ERP)
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Back for good design

Stylish new design. Suits any décor. Easy to read displays.

Good looks and a breeze to use.

We know looks aren’t everything, but we also know that today’s discerning consumers want the products they choose for their home to be well-designed and easy to use, including their heating controls. That’s why the new and improved Danfoss ERC range now sports a full white design, including the backplate, that will fit in with any décor.

Discover how Danfoss can help you help save your customers' money

Reduce energy waste and help saving money on the heating bills
With energy costs rising, consumers are looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their heating systems. For many, they will be looking at their radiators and thermostats. As well as out brand new range of electronic room controls, we also have a large range of thermostatic radiator valves designed to be as easy to install and efficient for the end user as possible. By installing thermostatic radiator valves, a quick, simple addition to your customer’s heating system, you can help them reduce energy waste and save money on their heating bills. They get a better performing heating solution, and you get satisfied customers. 

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Tools and apps

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