Programmable room thermostat TP5001

TP5001 is a programmable room thermostat with a large, backlit LCD Display.  The temperature can be selected via the ring that circles the display, and a frost protection feature is also included. 

In addition, the TP5001 has full heating schedule control where the user can set two heating periods – either 5/2 day or 24 Hour – ensuring that the heating is either off or at a reduced temperature when away from home or asleep.

5 Year Warranty

Large backlit display

Battery version, Main power version and Radio frequency version (RF)

5/2 days or 24-hour schedule, 4 events function

Holiday mode & frost protect temperature settings

Maximum and Minimum temperature settings

Standby button

Multiple cable access for ease of installation

Optimised or Delayed Start options

Volt free output

Service Interval timer

Boiler plus compliant