RET2001 Electronic thermostat

Energy-efficient heating / Domestic Hot Water (DHW) requires close control of both time and temperature. Thermostats limit fuel consumption and enhance comfort by controlling the temperature of air within dwellings, and their stored domestic hot water, at desired levels.

Most electronic thermostats are battery powered, allowing simple two-core output wiring and no neutral connection. Radio Frequency (RF) models transmit radio signal commands to other control system components via adjacently sited receiver/switching units. 

RET2001 is an electronic room thermostat featuring a large, backlit LCD Display. The temperature can be selected via the ring that circles the display. Similar to the dial version, a frost protection feature is included as well as a holiday mode with set-back temperature for energy saving whilst away.

RET2001 Features and Benefits

5 Year Warranty

Large backlit display

Battery version, Main power version, Radio frequency version (RF) and Opentherm (OT)

Holiday mode & frost protect temperature settings

Maximum and Minimum temperature settings.

Standby button

Multiple cable access for ease of installation (Main version only)

Volt free output

Boiler plus compliant