PX cables - for pipe tracing, and freeze protection

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During winter problems with frost in fresh water pipes, waste water pipes, cooling water pipes, supply water pipes and sprinkler systems can be avoided by heating the pipes with Danfoss self regulating PX or Ice Guard Cables.

Danfoss’ pipe tracing systems may be used for two main purposes:

  1. Frost protection systems are installed where there is a need to prevent water and sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice-damaged.
  2. Temperature maintenance systems ensure that hot water or fluid pipes maintain the required temperature.

Features and benefits

Ice-free pipes with constant flow of water

Cables can be overlapped without creating hot spots or causing a burn out

Rugged 16 AWG bus cable with longer runs

Limited 10 year warranty

Ice Guard:

  • 6 ft. long power lead
  • Pre-terminated with a plug and end seal

PX Cables:

  • Cables can be cut and spliced in the field, simplifying the installation process and reducing waste
  • Wide variety of heat outputs available
PX Pipe freeze protection application cable video

Danfoss pipe heating system

Danfoss has designed versatile outdoor solutions for pipe heating - this video walks you through a visual example of a typical PX cable application.


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Technical Support

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