Motorized control valves and actuators

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Danfoss motorized control valves and actuators

For accurate control of water and glycol mixture applications...

Danfoss Motorized Control Valves (MCVs) for residential and light commercial heating and cooling, HVAC and central heating systems - ensure stable and accurate control of water and water glycol mixtures. This in turn improves water temperature control and distribution based on fluid temperature requirements of the system. 

Danfoss offers a comprehensive range of rotary control valves and motorized actuators for applications including: radiant heating, indirect domestic hot-water, chilled water, set-point application, and additional mixing and diverting water applications.

Features and benefits

Improved water temperature control and regulation for the highest mixing or diverting performance

Simple to use, quick-mounting products ensure easy installation

Long lasting and high durability products provide a tremendous return on investment

Product range

  • Rotary valves
    Rotary valves

    ESBE Rotary valves are designed for regulation of flow temperatures in hydronic heating or chilled systems.

  • Actuators for rotary valves
    Actuators for rotary valves

    Motorized rotary actuators specific to ESBE rotary valves that operate on a variety of input signals.