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VACON®NXS is an AC drive for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry. Typical applications include pumps, multi-pump, conveyors, compressors

Simplified programming

Seven built in application packages for easy commissioning of the drive.

Flexible I/O selection

There are no fixed inputs or outputs in the control unit. There are five slots for I/O boards, and a suitable board can be selected for each slot.

Modular packaging

The drive has the same footprint if IP21/UL Type 1 or IP54/ UL Type 12 enclosure. Allows for field upgrade if required with no change in size.

Power Range [High Overload]

3 x 208-240 V... 3/4 to 100 HP (0.55 - 75 kW) 
3 x 380-480 V... 1 to 550 HP (0.75 - 355 kW)
3 x 525-690 V... 2 to 500 HP (1.5 - 500 KW)


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3D models and drawings

3D models and drawings
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