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PLUS+1® Connect - Beyond Connectivity

PLUS+1® Connect combines telematics hardware, software infrastructure, a user-friendly interface and API integration on a single cloud platform to provide one cohesive, connected experience.

The platform opens the door to numerous value-adding services, from fleet management to remote diagnostics and over-the-air programming.

PLUS+1® Connect

Complete end-to-end connectivity solution

PLUS+1 Connect benefits

PLUS+1® Connect is engineered by Danfoss to provide you with actionable insights — optimizing machine efficiency, improving productivity and facilitating servicing through your own data generated on site. This means you reduce downtime while optimizing energy consumption and operating costs.

Use cases

Fleet Manager

Collecting and using machine data can greatly improve existing fleet management processes and make day-to-day operations much more efficient. Using geo-positioning and geo-fencing features of PLUS+1® Connect to track machine and fleet locations saves much time in coordinating asset locations across different worksites. Monitoring work hours ensures that machines perform efficiently during work hours and are not being improperly used during off-time. Additional condition monitoring parameters can be configured for individual machines to have visibility of machine status and track maintenance requirements to improve overall productivity and reduce down-time


Most times, updating machine parameters or performing diagnostics requires a technician to be on-site and carry the necessary equipment to connect to the machine and perform the tasks. Telematics allows for a remote connection for debugging or system updates, saving time and money, and also reducing down time. The ability to wirelessly connect to the machine also eliminates the need for special connection cables while on site.


Real-world engineering data can be very valuable in ensuring that a machine, sub-system or component are designed and configured optimally for the task at hand. However, collecting component data from a test bench or evaluating machine performance on a test track only gives a limited view of the many environments and conditions in which machines operate throughout their lifetime. Using connectivity to access data from machines in the field, and thus monitoring performance and reliability, allows for insights on real-world machine use, which can drive engineering optimization for future designs.

Powered by Microsoft

What does it mean that the PLUS+1® Connect platform is powered by Microsoft Azure? Essentially, it means you can trust in the combined expertise of two industry experts — our relevant industry experience and Microsoft’s legacy of security, scalability and sustainability.

In short, our partnership with Microsoft makes your partnership with us a breeze.

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PLUS+1® user forum

PLUS+1® user forum

Danfoss is working to become your strongest partner in Mobile Hydraulics. The PLUS+1® user forum is designed to help you find information and share your own experience. We hope this forum will become a valuable resource of knowledge and ideas for the PLUS+1 programming community. The PLUS+1 help desk team provides comments and answers to questions posted, complementing the phone and email support we already provided.

For technical support

For technical support

Getting help with your PLUS+1® requests has never been easier. Now, a form will guide you in creating a helpdesk case for any PLUS+1 Software, PLUS+1 Marketplace or PLUS+1 Connect requests. With each new case, you will receive a case number which can be referenced for further support. Click on the button below to create your helpdesk support request.

If you are a customer that receives service from one of our distributors, please contact them for support.

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