Company Policy

Vision of Danfoss Silicon Power

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for the development, manufacturing and sales of power modules and power stacks. To enable us to realize this objective, we apply the following values to all our activities:

Customer orientation

Respect for the work of others

Responsibility for our own work

Commitment to corporate objectives

Mission of Danfoss Silicon Power

With our customized power modules and power stacks for industrial, renewable and automotive applications and the automotive industry we help our customers develop the best possible system solutions.

Quality policy

Danfoss Silicon Power will be recognized for excellence in quality. This means that we:

Support our customers in achieving their business goals through committed leadership and highly skilled, competent staff

Continual improve quality performance of all products as well as all processes
by implementing a zero-defect strategy

Comply to statutory & regulatory requirements and agreed requirements
from customers and other interested parties

Health & Safety, Environmental and Energy policy

Danfoss Silicon Power protects the health and safety of our employees and other interested parties and minimize the environmental impact of our activities. This means that we:

Provide a safe and healthy workplace for everyone working in our businesses

Continual improve health & safety to prevent accidents and diseases

Prevent pollution and manage resources efficiently to minimize environmental impact

Continually improve energy efficiency

Ensure fulfilment of our compliance obligations and applicable legislation and regulations

Establish objectives and targets to ensure that our efforts result in continuous
and measurable improvements

Act preventively using a risk based approach and immediately respond to incidents