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Heating mats

The outdoor heating mats are designed for melting ice and snow and may be installed into special mastic for ground, grass and asphalt constructions. Mats are available in different lengths for two power supply options: 230 and 400 V.​​

The heating mats are also recommended for installation under artificial grass (e.g. football fields).​

Features and benefits using outdoor heating mats

Easy and fast installation​

Efficient snow removal - area is kept free from ice and snow 24/7​

Safe traffic and working areas for people​

Cost saving for outdoor surface repair after winter​

A maintenance free system with 20 year full warranty on cables​

Avoiding unforeseen repair costs ​

Suitable for special solutions e.g. asphalt, grass and different types of bricks

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    Heating Cables

    Heating cables are used for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating and total heating both for small houses as well as large commercial buildings.
    Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new building or larger renovation projects.


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    Heating Mats

    The heating mats are used for installation in a thin layer of tile adhesive, self-leveling mixture, or similar. The standard minimum thickness of the floor layer is 5-8 mm while the thickness of electric heating mat is 3–4.5 mm. This minimizes the floor level increase. Electric heating mats consist of a thin cable securely fixed on self-adhesive glass-fiber mesh, usually of 50 cm width. Thin heating mats are manufactured as ready-made heating sections with a specific area (i.e. 0.5, 1, 1.5 … 12 m²) including a power supply cable (cold lead) and hermetically sealed connections.

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    Self-limiting Cables

    The self-limiting heating cables for indoors are used for maintenance of the hot water supply and other fluids that need to maintain a certain temperature. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output increases or decreases according to the surrounding temperature. It ensures hot water in all taps, providing savings compared to a circulatory hot water system.

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    Digital Thermostats

    Digital controllers have the unique features allowing you to reduce energy waste. Some thermostats are fitted with Wi-Fi allowing remote control of heating systems via mobile application.

  • if (isSmallPicture) { Analogue Thermostats; } else if (isBigColumns) { Analogue Thermostats } else { Analogue Thermostats }
    Analogue Thermostats

    Analogue thermostats are electronic control units allowing setting the heating system type and adjustment of control parameters.​


Relevant accessories

Relevant accessories

Find relevant accessories by following this link


Snow melting and De-Icing solutions from Danfoss

Snow melting and De-Icing solutions from Danfoss

Durably-designed Danfoss snow melting and de-icing products provide a permanent solution for safety in winter weather.

Electric heating videos on YouTube

Electric heating videos on YouTube

You can see all our videos about Electric Heating on a dedicated playlist on YouTube. Follow the link below.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Application guide Danfoss Ground application. Ice & Snow Melting Application manual English Multiple 11 Nov, 2020 7.5 MB .pdf
Catalog Danfoss Product catalogue English Multiple 05 Dec, 2022 25.7 MB .pdf
Application guide Danfoss Sports Field Heating English Multiple 11 Nov, 2020 932.4 KB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan Romania 26 May, 2022 4.5 MB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual Russian Central Asia Unit 14 Sep, 2020 7.1 MB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual Lithuanian Multiple 29 Nov, 2019 4.1 MB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual Danish Denmark 03 Jun, 2021 3.8 MB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual English Multiple 19 Sep, 2016 8.1 MB .pdf
Application guide DEVI Asphalt Application manual Swedish Sweden 22 Jun, 2022 7.1 MB .pdf
Data sheet DEVIasphalt™ 300T - 230V Norwegian Bokmål Norway 24 Jun, 2019 172.3 KB .pdf
Data sheet DEVIasphalt™ 300T - 230V (DTIK) English Multiple 09 Jun, 2022 391.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet DEVIasphalt™ 300T - 230V (DTIK) Danish Denmark 19 Oct, 2022 226.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet ECasphalt 300T 230V and 400V English Multiple 10 Nov, 2021 455.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet ECsafe 100T 230V and 400V English Multiple 10 Nov, 2021 474.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet ECsnow 250T 400V English Multiple 23 Jul, 2020 338.5 KB .pdf

Tools and apps



At Danfoss, it is important for us to deliver high-quality products with long-lasting effects. Should you, against all expectations, experience a problem with your product, Danfoss offers a warranty for electric heating products valid from the date of purchase that was no later than 2 years from production date.
Depending on the product, the product guarantee is valid for two years, five years, or twenty years.
Product warranty covers costs for:

  • product replacement with a new comparable product or repair of the product
  • transportation costs

Case studies

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

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    Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver the same high productivity every season. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class performance from each machine - and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for their operators.

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    Frost and snow protection

    Danfoss systems are used in all frost protection applications in parking lots, garages, stairs, pavements and other ground-level surfaces, which can be secured against the negative effects of winter. Danfoss frost protection systems include all necessary products such as cables or heating mats, specialized controllers and mounting accessories.

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    Frost and snow protection

    During winter time it can be hazardous to access commercial or public buildings. Snow covered parking lots, garage ramps, stairs and pavements need to be cleaned to allow visitors safe access. Danfoss offers highly effective frost and snow protection systems including all necessary products such as electric heating cables or mats, controllers, sensors and mounting accessories.

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