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At Danfoss Climate Solutions, we engineer energy-efficient solutions to help the world get more out of less, reduce global emissions, and mitigate climate change.

At Danfoss Climate Solutions, we engineer energy-efficient solutions to help the world get more out of less.

Our innovative technologies enable a decarbonized, digital, and more sustainable tomorrow—across industrial applications, buildings, infrastructure, and the entire food and cold chain. With our broad portfolio of products and solutions, we help reduce global emissions and mitigate climate change. Our aim: to keep global warming below 1.5°C degrees.

Energy efficiency is our top priority. Our world-class engineers have the experience and know-how to maximize the potential of heating and cooling applications; and our technology supports a cost-efficient transition to renewable and other alternative energy sources via operational flexibility, thermal storage, and peak load mitigation.

With a strong foundation in quality, people, and the climate, we enact smart, energy-efficient solutions that enable the triple transition needed to achieve climate goals:

  1. The energy transition to decarbonize and electrify heating and cooling
  2. The refrigerant transition to accelerate the shift to ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants
  3. The food system transition to increase yield and reduce food loss and waste with an energy- and resource-efficient food and cold chain

The time for action is now. The technologies are available. Join us as we engineer tomorrow to build a better future.

Danfoss Climate Solutions by the numbers (2022)

  • 10,331 employees worldwide
  • 4 application development centers in North America, India, China, and Denmark
  • 31 factories
  • 3 top markets: Europe, Asia, and North America
  • 3.2bn net sales EUR

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News from Danfoss Climate Solutions

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    Danfoss to showcase natural- and synthetic refrigerant-based solutions at Busworld 2023
    Wednesday, 6 September, 2023

    Danfoss is pleased to announce its participation in Busworld 2023, taking place at the Brussels Expo on October 7-12, 2023. This will be the first time the company will exhibit at the trade show since acquiring BOCK GmbH in March 2023. Danfoss representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate the entire line of BOCK mobile CO2 and low-GWP compressors – including the CO2 StarCO2mpressor with its innovative 'star' drive design – as well as the corresponding components for an efficient thermal management of buses.

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    New ‘Smart Store’ paves the way for 21st century supermarkets
    Thursday, 29 June, 2023

    New “Smart Store” will work as Danfoss’ test center for energy efficiency technology. ‘The Smart Store’ is expected to be approximately 50% more energy efficient compared to a typical supermarket with a first-generation CO2 refrigeration system.

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    ANEO Retail & Danfoss expand “Energy as a Service” offering to Danish food retailers
    Friday, 9 June, 2023

    ANEO Retail and Danfoss, the multi-national engineering group, are expanding their collaboration of innovative energy service solution for the food retail industry. After a successful establishment in Sweden, the journey now moves on to Denmark.