Danfoss launches new aftersales service for BOCK® compressors

Monday, 27 May, 2024

The new service – Danfoss RefCare – will build an international network of certified service partners and Danfoss-owned service hubs, capable of providing best-in-class service and maintenance of BOCK® compressors.

Danfoss BOCK® introduces RefCare, a new aftersales service for BOCK® compressors, aimed at enhancing technical expertise in local markets. RefCare enables the creation of centers of excellence, providing best-in-class service support through trained and certified RefCare partners. These partners can perform warranty inspections, repair compressors, train customers, and offer local language support to service technicians.

Boosting technical knowledge and service in the local markets

Having a local point of contact will enable service technicians to get the support they need in their local language. “Service technicians in the field might not always be comfortable explaining their situation in a foreign language,” according to Benjamin Straub, Head of Business Development After Sales & Service. “Our RefCare Partners speak the local language, know the culture and the market, and they have the necessary technical knowledge to assist technicians in their area.”

Circularity a key benefit of the new program

The program also aligns with Danfoss' sustainability agenda, with circularity being a key pillar. “Danfoss has adopted a ‘Rethink-Reduce-Recirculate’ approach to product development,” explains Ralf Havermann, Head of Danfoss BOCK® Compressors. “‘Recirculate’ means we want to get the most use out of our products before their end of life. Our BOCK® compressors are semi-hermetic, making them easy to service and maintain. By training our RefCare partners to service these compressors, we extend their lifespan and reduce the carbon footprint. Every well serviced and every repaired compressor saves CO2 emissions.”

Ensuring a faster time-to-market

Repairing compressors in the local market also saves valuable time. “For the markets that are located far from our BOCK factories, delivery time is business-critical,” Benjamin Straub says. “For example, if the compressor in a refrigeration system fails, they need to replace it quickly. Supermarkets without refrigeration can’t sell refrigerated products, which leads to lost revenue, and food wastage. So, getting the compressor up and running fast is crucial for their business.” Using a local RefCare Partner to service and repair their compressor will enable end-customers to reduce downtime. “This is all about giving peace of mind to the companies that rely on our products. They know when they contact a RefCare partner, they’ll receive prompt service by qualified professionals, so their equipment can be operational in the shortest amount of time possible,” Ralf Havermann concludes.

A rapidly expanding aftersales network

The first RefCare partners are already in place. The RefCare team will establish RefCare Hubs – Danfoss owned and operated service centers that would perform inspections, train RefCare Partners, and remanufacture compressors – at existing Danfoss’ facilities in the United States, Latin America, and China.

For more information about the RefCare Partner program, visit refcare.danfoss.com.

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