Energy Efficient Water & Wastewater Solutions

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Water and wastewater

Fresh, clean water is a basic element of civilization—vital for agriculture and important for industries. Danfoss provides game-changing concepts to extend our precious water and energy resources. From desalination via reverse osmosis, to traditional water production, water distribution and wastewater treatment, Danfoss gives you energy-efficient solutions. Today, it’s even possible to generate energy during water processing, fulfilling the energy need of the entire water cycle.

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  • Water desalination applications - Danfoss
  • Irrigation Danfoss

    Efficient and sustainable irrigation is vital for the global security of food supply. Danfoss offers solutions to reduce energy consumption, increase water efficiency and protect infrastructure.

  • Waste water Danfoss
    Wastewater treatment

    By reducing energy consumption and optimizing energy production from wastewater treatment, we can fuel the entire water cycle for urban municipalities. In industrial wastewater treatment, Danfoss solutions ensure sustainability of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) processes.

  • Water pumps and pressure - Danfoss
    Water supply

    Close to one third of the world’s population currently lives in water stressed and scarcity areas. Danfoss has solutions that can help communities reduce their water loss, save energy and reduced investment in pipe replacement.


  • Drives for mixers, dewatering and blowers
    Drives for mixers, dewatering and blowers

    Use AC drives to control the speed of motors in a wide range of pump, blower, mixer and dewatering applications to help enhance performance and value while saving energy and costs.


  • Drinking water production
    Drives for water pumping

    For water supply based on surface water or groundwater, Danfoss AC drives can help optimize the production process whilst reducing energy and maintenance costs.

  • High-Pressure Pumps for Dust Suppression Danfoss
    Dust suppression

    Danfoss offers high-pressure pumps and valves for dust suppression through several water mist applications, designed and constructed for harsh conditions.

  • Pumps and ERDs for Offshore Sea Water RO Applications
    Sea water reverse osmosis

    Sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) has turned out to be one of the most reliable, compact and robust solutions for offshore applications of any kind.