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Below, you can find an overview of what we believe will be useful to you as a homeowner, so you can get the best heating solutions for your entire household.

Save energy with Danfoss Heating Solutions

We have collected tips on how to save energy. Before choosing which is the right heating solution for your home, a good-to-know fact is that in Europe heating costs, represent a large part of the annual spend on energy consumption. In some countries up to 70% of the total spend. The remaining 30% is consumed for hot water in homes.

Winter preparations: Get warm and save energy in the cold season

Our heating systems have also had a summer vacation but as it slowly gets colder we need to take the first steps to ensure we are ready for winter. Get warm, increase your comfort and save energy!

5 reasons for renovating your heating installation

Renovating your home can be costly and time consuming. But by renovating your heating installation you often have very short pay back time as the investments is rather low but with high energy savings.

Home heating of tomorrow

The new Danfoss Link™ App enables you to control your home heating from anywhere. living by Danfoss is the only system that lets you effortlessly control both electronic radiator thermostats and floor heating.

Related products

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    Programmable room thermostat TPOne

    With Danfoss TPOne™, intelligent heating control is now easier than ever before. TPOne™ is ideal for virtually any domestic heating application with a boiler system, from single to multi-family houses.

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    Electric thermostats

    Energy efficient heating/DHW requires close control of both time and temperature. Thermostats limit fuel consumption and enhance comfort by controlling the temperatures of air within dwellings, and their stored domestic hot water (DHW), at desired levels.